Kathy & Mark Randolph

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Surgery Date June 6, 2004
Ligation 1995 burned in 3 places on each
Tube length  L 4.5 R 3
Pregnancy 1 It's a Boy!  3/21/2005
Pregnancy 2 It's a Boy! 12/07/2006
Pregnancy 3 It's a Girl!  8/20/08
Pregnancy 4 It's a Girl!  2/06/10
Pregnancy 5 It's a Girl!  9/29/11





Welcome Hannah

We are blessed to announce the arrival of our 5th reversal blessing.  She was born on September 29, 2011 and weighed 8lbs 3oz.


Welcome Jamie

We are happy to share that our 4th reversal blessing was born February 6, 2010. Her name is Jamie Anne. She weighed 8lbs 10oz. She is truly a gift from the Lord. Thank you again Dr. Perez & Dr. Levi for being such caring doctors.

Welcome Elizabeth

We would like to announce the arrival of our 3rd reversal blessing. Her name is Elizabeth Grace. She was born on August 20, 2008. She weighed 8 lbs 14 oz. She is so lovely and such a gift from the Lord. We thank Him everyday. T hank you also to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.

Welcome Josiah

We would like to announce that our 2nd reversal blessing was born on 12-07-06. He was 8lbs and 11oz. at the time of birth. We are so blessed to have this newest addition to our family. Thank you Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, and all the staff at Rio Bravo. 

July 2006

Mark and I would like to announce that we are expecting our 2nd reversal blessing due December 2006.  We feel very blessed.

Thank you Lord.
Mark & Kathy Randolph

Welcome Joseph

born on 3-21-05. He is healthy, and he weighed 9lbs 5ozs. at birth.  He is a gift from God, and we are extremely thankful to the Lord. We would also like to say thank you to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.  God bless you both.

August 2004

I had my reversal on June 6th 2004, and I am wanted to let everyone know that I am pregnant! I had an ultrasound last Thursday, and the baby is fine. I even saw the heartbeat. The due date is around the 1st of April. My husband and I are very thankful to the Lord for this blessing and for Him leading us to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.

I had my tubes burned in 3 places on each tube in 1995.  In June 2004 Dr. Perez did the reversal surgery.  I was left with 3 cm on one side and 4-5cm on the other. I would say the surgery was successful!

Mark and Kathy Randolph

June 2004

I arrived at McAllen Sunday afternoon. Fanny picked us up at the airport and drove us to Rio Bravo. I absolutely recommend her to everyone. She was very nice and helped us with the paper work at the hospital.

I hadn't eaten since 4:30 Sunday morning, so they were able to do the surgery that day instead of Monday like scheduled. My husband was with me through the whole surgery, and that was very comforting for me. I was asleep while they gave me the epidural. My husband says I woke up a few times during the surgery, but I would go back to sleep. I woke up near the end and stayed awake, but I was drowsy.

After the surgery, I was uncomfortable for about 16 hours, but then I started feeling better and better. I am not in any pain today. My right tube is 3cm and my left is 4-5cm. My right tube had been burned very close to the uterus during the ligation, so that is why it isn't as long. Dr. Levi says everything looks good though. Dr. Levi is the nicest doctor I have ever had. I felt very comfortable and in good hands with Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez, Dr. Moreno, and all the nurses.

I'm so thankful to be restored!

Kathy & Mark Randolph







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