Tammara & Andrew Redding


June  2004


Tubal reversal 

June, 2004


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy! 6/15/05

Pregnancy #2

It's a boy! 6/02/06





Our second reversal son

Michael Kristian Redding

was born 6/02/06 @ 9:16 am and was 6lbs 15 ounces he was 19.5 in long he is now 6 weeks old and weighs 10lbs 3 ounces.

Darin is now 1 year old and weighs 21lbs 3 ounces  Here are pictures of the boys


Our son

Darin James Redding

was born 6/15/05 at 10:15 am by C-section he weighed 7 pounds 2 oz at birth 19 3/4 long of course he lost some weight he now weighs 6 pounds 15 oz we were released yesterday from the hospital and are now recovering


January 2005

I just thought that I would let you all know that I just found out that I am having a healthy normal boy! He will be born June 17th 2005 by C-Section, as were all my babies. I know God will be there watching over me through the surgery so I am not scared.

Tammara Redding

October 2004

I had an u/s today and the Dr changed my due date to June 23rd and my baby is in the uterus where it is supposed to be. God has been watching over us. I just wanted to thank you all for your support

Tammara Redding

October 2004

I went to the doctor this morning and I found out i am pregnant my edd is June 29 2005 exactly 1 year to the day from my TR. Our Lord has been watching over us. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. My First OB /GYN appointment is Oct.26th and I will let you know what happens.

Tammara Redding

TR June 29th 2004 edd June 29th 2005

June 2004

My Trip started out Monday June 28th when my dh got off work. We packed our bags then at about 9:30 am we headed for SeaTac airport which is about 2 1/2 hours from our house. Our plane was supposed to depart at 2 pm but was a little delayed. We finally took off and then there was a problem with one of the passengers she had fainted and couldn't breath it was a little scary. I started to pray that she would be all right. We landed in New Mexico and the Lady refused medical help so the airport wouldn't let us depart again until they had her talked into going with the paramedics.

By the time we departed again we were over 45 min late to Harlingen TX. Fanny was told that our flight was not late and I was not on that flight so she had left. As we got off the plane we ran around looking for Fanny or someone that she might have sent to pick us up. After about 15 min we decided to call Fanny and she told us that she had just been to Harlingen to pick us up. It was now after 12:15 pm and bless Fanny's heart ~ she loaded up her boys and drove back to get us! Just after 1 am she pulled up we knew her right away and we put our bag into the trunk of her car. Her boys were asleep all the way to the hospital. We went straight through the border no problems.

It was after 2 am when we arrived at the hospital. The nurses were very friendly even though they didn't speak English they some how understood us. They took us to rm #2 and we went right to sleep. The next morning June 29th, they woke me up and asked if I ate anything and I hadn't so they were able to do my surgery right away. Dr. Levy came in and explained everything to me. He is a wonderful Dr. I can see why The Lord has led us to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy. They prepared me and put the IV in, then took me to the OR. I got up on the Table they put medicine into my IV and that was it I fell asleep. I woke up a couple times my dh said but I didn't remember. They took me back to rm #2 My dh wouldn't leave my side. I tried to get him to go sight seeing but he wouldn't leave me.

We loved it there and we would do it again if we had to. Dr. Levy is a great doctor and a good friend. My dh and I could talk to him for hours. He came in to check on us often, and he would sit and visit us for a long time. We now have a good friend in Mexico and we are already planning a visit sometime in the future to visit Dr. Levy again.

My Reversal went well. I have 6 cm of tube on both sides. God is watching over us all. We are back in Washington now and healing well.

Tammara Redding 30 years old

Andrew Redding 36 years old

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