Michelle and Ray Romero


February 2004


Tubal reversal  Feb 29, 2004

Pregnancy #1 edd Jan 6, 2005

Baby girl born January 1, 2005


5cm left

4 on right


Welcome our baby girl!

 Adrayanna Charlene Romero

born January 1, 2005.

 She weighed 7lbs. 2 oz and was 20 inches long. What a blessing!

Thank you so much again!


May 2004

Thank you Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez and staff! I had my reversal done 02/29/04 and we have just found out we are pregnant, due date is 01/06/05!  We will send you up dates and our testimony soon.  Thank you so much for helping our dream come true!!!!!! God Bless!


Michelle and Ray Romero

Feb 2004

I started my search for a tubal reversal in 2003, and after a lot of searching the web and careful research I finally found Dr. Perez.  I felt my prayers had really been answered. I was so excited when I was finally able to schedule my surgery to be done on February 29, 2004.  My friend was needing to have the surgery done as well so we scheduled same day appts. together! We all drove down together from Albuquerque NM, we stopped in San Antonio TX and took in some sights (the River Walk, Alamo etc.) We had a great time.  We then went to Corpus Cristi, my husband had never been to the ocean so we checked out the Gulf. Then drove down into Rio Bravo. 

We arrived in the evening and were greeted by the wonderful staff who then escorted us our cozy little rooms which were very clean and comfortable.  The next morning we met with Dr. Levi.  He talked with us for awhile and explained the surgery and then it was time to be prepped for surgery.  After awhile I was rolled down to the surgery room where I met Dr. Perez. They first put in my IV which made me a little groggy, Dr. Moreno gave me the epidural and I never felt anything. It was like it was done and over with and I was still saying 'are you going start it'.  Dr Perez and Dr. Levi both talked with my husband (who was able to be in the room and film the procedure while they were doing my surgery, telling both of us what was going on although I fell asleep during most of the surgery and woke up in my room.  I was scared at first because I forgot about the epidural and thought I was paralyzed.  But Dr. Levi was really great and came in and put me to ease. LOL!!

He told me my tube lengths were 5cm on left and 4 on right. They said I had about a 70% chance to conceive.  I laid down for a few hours, then was able to get up and brush my teeth, put on make up and was ready for dinner!  They brought me an delicious home made dinner. The next morning after they gave me a wonderful breakfast and I was able to go to the bathroom and walk okay, they let me go home.  The trip home was not as much fun as the way there, I was a little sore so I tried to sleep most of the way home.  I felt fine again and was able to go back to my normal routine within a few days.

I am so thankful and will always remember Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi!! We Thank them both from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi who did a perfect job to help us to create a miracle.  I recommend them both to anyone. If I had do do it all over again I would not change a thing!

Michelle and Ray Romero

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