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April  2004


Tubal reversal  Apr 5, 2004





April 2004

Hello everyone!! Let me tell you about my trip! I left Dallas on April 5, 2004. My plane landed in Harlingen at 9:30 A.M. I had made arrangements with Fanny to pick me up. Fanny was waiting on us when we arrived. Fanny was great!!! She has a nice clean car. She is an excellent driver. She was great to talk to. She helped us check into the hospital.( her mother is a nurse there, her name is Nora. she is wonderful also.)

After we checked in the nurses came in and started my I.V. she got it on the first try!! Not long after Dr. Levi came in and talked to me. Then I was moved to room 7. Dr. Levi even carried my bags to my room! My surgery was at 7 pm. but I went in early around 4pm or so. The surgery room is small but clean. It took around 1 1/2 hours. Dr. Levi came in to talk to me but all I remember was how much tube I had left.. 5 on each side!!!! I was shaking really bad I guess I was cold. The nurses brought in more blankets and soon I was warm. The nurses came in and out all night to check on me and give me my medication.

Early the next morning Dr. Levi came in to check on me and give me my report again since I couldn't remember anything he said the night before except the length of my tubes. He ask if I was ready to go shopping and I was. I couldn't wait to get out of bed. I didn't really have any pain. It was great! Dr. Levi then called Fanny and she came around 11am to take us shopping . I was going strong all day. I made my friend who traveled with me and Fanny tired. I think they were ready to go before me. when I got back to the hospital Dr. Levi came back in to check on me.

Dr. Levi is a very great doctor. He is 100 times better than any American doctor. Dr. Levi checks on you a lot. The hospital is very clean. Housekeeping came in several times a day to clean our room and they were always cleaning the hospital. overall our trip was excellent!!!

I would go again!!

Tina Sherwood


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