Stephanie & Junior  Shoaf


March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 12, 2004





 March 2004

Just wanted to let everyone know that our trip to Rio Bravo was great! I  am a whole woman again. Praise God! Our trip went really smooth.  We met some really great people while we were there. I was a little scared right when we crossed the border but by the time we got to Rio Bravo I felt better!   The hospital and staff were wonderful!

We got to the hospital early on 03-12-04 and Dr. Levi came and talked to us and asked if we would like to go ahead do the surgery that night!  Of course we said yes.  We got to our room, which was huge!  We had a couch, chair, and dressers. Just like a hotel room pretty much.  We were very satisfied.  I was starving though since I hadn't eaten anything just in case they decided to go ahead with the surgery.  Junior (my hubby) went with one of the other girls husband to get them something to eat. They started my IV and I rested for about two hours before my surgery. 

They came and got me for the surgery and I met Dr. Perez and another Dr. that they called Dracula and the anesthesiologist who was absolutely wonderful!  While I was in surgery I kept on waking up all I could see was my husband looking over Dr. Levi's shoulder.   The doctors said I have 5-6 on left side and 4 on the right.  They told Junior that it is now up to him.  Everything looked really good for us.

Stephanie Shoaf


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