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March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 8, 2004





 March 2004

We left Indianapolis March 8, 2004 at 11:10A. The take off was very scary, I didn't exactly cry, but tears were pouring down my face. I couldn't help it! I was so excited, scared and happy all at the same time. A whole new life was getting ready to unfold for me and I couldn't wait. Even though I was kind of scared! We arrived in New Orleans at 12:40, then from there we went to Houston where we arrived at 1:50p. We left Houston and flew to Harlingen TX. Arrived there at 3:30p. The flight schedule was cheap through Southwest air lines but they don't tell you about the extra stops that you have to make. Wait til you see our schedule for the way home. Keep in mind, I had surgery and was having to switch planes way too much! I survived though, and by the time it was all said and done, I can now say that I have been to all of these places!

Anyway, I arrived in Harlingen and we had Fanny waiting for us. We had no idea what she looked like, so we walked right passed her... We went outside of the Harlingen airport and was standing out front and she approached us and asked if our names were Shonk. Shew! I was so relieved! She was so sweet! She took us from the airport, then she let us stop and do some shopping. She helped us to translate and also helped us carry our stuff. We had so many souvenirs to buy for everyone back home! She was so sweet. Her car was very nice and comfortable! She then took my husband to get some food at her favorite taco stand. He said that it was delicious! I couldn't eat, because I was scheduled to have my surgery around 6:30p. So, all I got to do was smell how wonderful the food was!

We arrived at the hospital around 6p. Fanny went in and told them who we were and translated what we were to do. She showed us to our room. It was room 7. Beautiful room!!! We had a couch, a chair, some dressers, my bed and a cot for my hubby to sleep on, right beside me! It was so nice. The first time that we had ever slept apart though. We sat down our bags and my hubby ate the rest of his food, while I relaxed for a little while, nervously awaiting my surgery. I couldn't have eaten, even if I wanted to. I was so scared about the surgery. Fanny had to leave, but she told us that if we needed anything, to have someone call her and she would help out if she could. She was so sweet!

Then, Dr. Levy came in and introduced himself and told us that they would be getting to us soon. A nurse had me get undressed and put on a gown and take all of my jewelry off. Then a little bit later, she came back and put an IV in. I was so nervous about her doing it, because they usually have such a hard time finding my veins. She got it right in, the first time! And it didn't even hurt! I was so impressed! Usually in the states, the nurses have to stick me several times, before they finally get it and she did it like it was nothing! I was so glad! Then it wasn't too long after that Dr. Levy came back and asked me some questions. Just a little history about yourself and I had quit smoking after 14 years, so he had them run an EKG on me, to make sure that my heart could take it. Thank God, everything was fine. I would have been so disappointed if I wouldn't have been able to have the surgery. Then after they found out everything was fine, the nurse came back and put something in my IV and then the Doctors came and wheeled me to the operating room. I barely remember anything after that.. I guess I was quite the jokester, according to my husband. He said that I was being so funny. I was in and out of consciousness, but I don't remember it! I had heard of others waking up, and it scared me, but it wasn't what I thought. You're awake, but you don't feel a thing, since you also get an epidural. Which, I don't even remember them doing that, either! I didn't feel a thing, which was very nice! The Doctors in the states should take lessons!

After the surgery, Dr. Levy and the other assistants, took me to my room and Dr. Levy told me that my tube lengths were 5cm right and 6 cm left. He was saying other things too, but I was kinda out of it, so he said that he would come back whenever I am more myself, and explain it all again! Before they left my room, I guess, I made them all get pictures with me and my husband! I didn't even remember it! They were all so nice!!! So happy and full of life! I loved it there! The next day, later in the afternoon. They came and took my IV out and my epidural and I got to shower and start walking. My husband and I walked the hallways, first. Then after a little while, I wanted to go outside. Dr. Levy told us to walk around the block and see the beautiful houses. So, we did. There is also a nice park, not too far away, where people walk, play ball and stuff. We didn't end up going there, because I was nervous about getting too far away from the hospital. But it looked nice.

The food was great! They fed both my husband and I, every meal. We asked a nurse if there was a pop machine somewhere close, and they brought my husband a great big pop, that someone had bought for themselves, but they gave it to him. They were all so genuinely kind! Watching television was kind of fun.. Most of the channels were in Spanish. However, the cartoons, most of them, anyway, were in English. So, we mostly just watched cartoons. That next day, Fanny came into the hospital to check on us! She wanted to know if we needed anything. She had brought a couple from the airport to the hospital, and thought that she would stop in and see if we needed anything. Very sweet of her! She has a heart of gold! If you need transportation, I highly recommend Fanny! We talked for a little bit, then she went ahead and left. My husband and I walked some more. We walked and talked about our new life and how excited we were for having the chance to have a baby together! My husband was so grateful to me for the sacrifices that I had made to be able to bare his child. It was such a loving, touching time for us!

We stayed at the hospital another night and got up the next morning, excited to go home, but yet, hating to leave! These people were so kind and we had a wonderful time! We hated for it all to end! Dr. Perez came into my room and he spoke with us a bit and we all enjoyed our visit with him! He is a very gifted man with a heart of gold!!! I wish that I lived closer, I would love to have him as my Doctor!!! We still had a few hours before we had to leave, and we had everything all packed, so we went out and saw the babies in the nursery. One of them was only like, 40 minutes old.... Beautiful, made me so anxious to have my own. And so thankful to Dr. Perez for giving me the chance to start my life over again! We walked out in front of the hospital and Dr. Levy came out there and was talking to us. He was giving us tips on staying happy and keeping each other happily married! Which I thought was very sweet of him. He is really a great guy! Anyone who goes there will tell you that. He has a wonderful personality and a very funny man! We just loved him! Fanny came and we said our Goodbyes and she took us shopping one more time, for the souvenirs that we had forgotten for other family members. She then stopped at McDonalds and we got something to eat on our way to the airport! She was so helpful, all the way around!

Now listen to our flight schedule on our way home. It's a doozy. We flew from Harlingen to Houston. Houston to Oaklahoma. Oklahoma to Kansas City. Kansas City to Indianapolis! We left Harlingen at 2:10p and didn't arrive in Indianapolis until 11:30!!!! It was a long day! But it was all well worth it, and if I had to do it like that all over again, I would!

Dr. Perez has touched me and my family's life in such a positive way! He is a very gifted, wonderful man with a heart of gold! I had a wonderful experience in Mexico and I wouldn't trade one second of it, for anything! Dr. Levy is great! He is the most awsome- personable Doctor that you will ever meet!!! They have touched me and my husband's life and they will always have a place in our heart! We would love to return to Mexico and just visit Dr. Levy and Dr. Perez. I would love to be able to let them know how grateful I am to their service and their fine hospitality!!! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I know that I made the right decision by choosing Dr. Perez! I feel nothing but a debt of gratitude to him!!! And Dr. Levy! And all of their staff! The words Thank you, just don't seem like enough! But, I would like to say, "Thank you!!! From the bottom of our hearts for all of your fine hospitality and your gift of giving me back the chance to have another baby!!!" We Love you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy!!!

Love ,

Greg and Shelly Shonk

TR: March 8, 2004


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