Veronica & Mike Smith


Dec  2004


Tubal reversal 

Dec 3, 2004


Pregnancy #1 

It's a Girl!!  9/6/05

Pregnancy #2 edd April 22, 2007





Jordan Michelle Smith


My husband and I are happy and proud to announce our new baby girl, born Sept.6, 2005,  and she weighed in at 6 lbs. 8.3 ozs. 18 in. long. She is truly a miracle and a blessing. We can not thank all of you enough for having a part in making this miracle happen. Without the doctors and their staff this would not have been possible. Again we thank you and may God bless each and every one of you.  


October 2006

I have great news!!!!!  We are pregnant again!!!! My husband and I came from Virginia to you on Dec. 3rd. We got pregnant that Jan. with our daughter, who was born in Sept. Now we are having our second blessing in April '07.

Dr. Perez, how do we thank you for giving us a chance to have our blessings.? We thank you and your staff for everything. We also give God the highest praise for giving you and your staff the expertise that help us receive our blessings from God. We will send you a pic as soon as our blessing arrive. Until then........

Thank you and God bless,
Veronica and Mike Smith

TR Dec. 3, 2004Hello Everyone!!!

My husband and I have great news!!!!!!!! We are PREGNANT!!!   We are so blessed and excited we can hardly stand it. I have had two appointments in the past two weeks. They told us that everything is on schedule.  We are due Oct. 11. We will send a picture as soon as we can.  Thank you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi and may God continue to bless you, your family, and your staff.

Veronica and Mike

December 2004

Hello everyone!! I had my reversal on Dec. 3. My husband and I flew from Virginia to have Dr. Perez do my surgery. We flew from Virginia to Atlanta then to Texas where Fanny picked us up from the airport. Fanny was an angel because she admitted us and translated what the nurses said for us. I could understand some of what was said because I took Spanish in high school. (I knew it would come in handy eventually) For those who don't know Spanish get a simple English-Spanish book with emotion words in it)

Dr. Perez and his staff are wonderful, although they spoke Spanish mostly the nurses did their best to accommodate me with whatever I needed. They made us feel comfortable with the procedures that were going to take place as well as what to expect afterwards. When I came around I ask about my tubes and Dr. Perez said that my tubes are in good shape no damage done for the tubal I had in 1995 and that I needed to have a HSG done for about 3 months. Thank God. I don't remember too much about the surgery because of the medication, but my husband said I was a real chatterbox. Anyway after surgery, I was a little sore around my stomach area and where the epidural was for about 2 days. After we got got off our last flight I was better, since all that up and down was over. After surgery, I definitely wanted something to eat since I haven't eaten since Thursday evening. Because of surgery, I had to wait and eat solid on Sat. and eat jello for that night. By Sat a.m. I was starving. I guess Dr. Levi saw how pitiful I was looking, because he was so nice to bring my husband and I something to eat for lunch on Sat. before we left.

We flew out on Sun. going back to Virginia, but didn't get there until Monday. That was a disaster. We got canceled in Texas on Sunday and delayed in Atlanta on Monday morning. We finally got back to Virginia on Monday night early Tuesday morning delayed in About a week after, I had my Dr. check me and he said everything looked good. Thank God. It's been a month now and I feel great!!

Dr. Perez and his staff are a blessing and I am so blessed to have had them care for me and my husband. I want ladies/and spouses to know that if they are thinking about going to see Dr. Perez for their surgery, You will be making a good choice. I can not stop saying enough about him and his staff. I believe that he is doing what God would want him to do and that is to try and help make some miracles for us ladies/and spouses who believe that God is about miracles and blessings.

I'll let you know when we are a positive.

Until then God Bless



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