Sheronda Tunstill


February 2004


Tubal ligation Dec 6, 1996

 Tubal reversal  Feb 14, 2004

Pregnancy #1 edd Nov 8, 2005





March 2005

Update on my story:  Pregnant 1 year after my reversal EDD 11/08/05 reality still hasn't set in yet. When time has past we often began to give up hope, wondering if ,maybe it's not meant to be when really we have no control over God's plan.

Everything happens in due season and I'm so grateful and thankful for him leading us to the miracle working hands of Dr. Perez, Dr Levi & Dr Moreno.

February 2004

Here's my 10 day post reversal story. Our journey started on 02/14/04 we flew from TN to Dallas, then to McAllen TX. We arrived at the Hospital a little after 4:00 pm our surgery was scheduled for the next morning but Dr. Levi met us within 5 minutes of arriving and told us we were going to do it right then. Within 30 minutes I was being prepped for surgery. I knew I would have problem with the IV because I have small rolling veins. Dr. Levy is so funny, he tried first "I warned him" after about 4 sticks he gave up and called in Dr. Moreno, I guess he tried 2 or three times. Then Dr. Levy told me to hold on, he left the room and came back with Dr. Perez they joked and laughed saying that Dr. P never misses. He looked at my hand and immediately said he had one. Well.....he tried and missed twice. I do not believe that Dr. Levy & Dr. Moreno will let him live this one down. He was so confident it was so funny in spite of the pain. By this point we had no luck finding a vein so they wheeled me the Operating Room for more light. They tried again and again...Finally they called in a nurse from home and she hit it with 1 try. I joked with the guys telling Dr. Levy that it took a women. He looked at me and laughed and said It took a woman to take us through this :). They worked harder to start my IV than they did on the 2 hour surgery, which was a success.

They had to remove two cyst. I have 5 cm on both sides. I removed my stitches today and I feel great. I am so grateful for the feeling of being the way God intended and look forward to the future and the life he has in store for our family.

I had a wonderful experience with the Hospital, nurses and especially the Trio (Perez, Levi & Moreno). They are so wonderful and funny. I did however have a not so good experience with my transportation (we used Joe and Amiee) to and from McAllen but I refuse to let that damper my spirits. *charged $160 (no shopping or stopping included), and made to pay all in advance. The fee should have been $100.

Dr Levi told me to wait 2 months. I feel so good and am so excited I want to start trying now :) "I won't, I won't"...... For those of you planning your trip to Rio, stay in constant prayer if it's his will, he will work it out.

Remember while your trying to figure it out, The Lord already has it worked out! .

Sheronda Tunstill

TR 02/14/04 left & right 5cm


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