Glenna and Patrick Underwood


October 2004


Tubal ligation 

Mar 8, 1998

Tubal reversal 

Oct 21, 2004


Pregnancy #1  lost baby in auto accident


4cm each side




August 2006

Sad update:  Please pray for the Underwood family.  Glenna's children's biological father (33) passed away suddenly in June. They were unable to attend the funeral service so later the family took the children on a trip to Fla. for the 4th of July. On the way home, they were accidentally run off the road by a big rig and their van flipped several times and then they were hit by oncoming traffic.   The accident was terrible, they lost their precious baby and he went to be with his heavenly father.  The other children had concussions, broken bones, and many cuts and bruises...but they are all healing.   The family is dealing with their loss as best as they can.  They ask for your prayers for their family as well as the driver of the truck.  He is an older man that was trying to get home to his family and he fell asleep. His wife has said that he isn't doing well either. He won't drive and that is how they make a living.

May 2006

I just had to post with my awesome news!! I AM PREGNANT!!! I actually got a pregnancy test for Mother's Day!  l was giving my husband the don't be so disappointed speech and he was totally ignoring me and said why don't WE go in and look. My husband picked up the test and asked what TWO lines meant. I almost fainted and then asked if he was serious. I grabbed the stick and the lines are so pink that they could burst into flames! I just started screaming and crying and jumping up and down! Patrick actually cried when I said YES, we are pregnant!

This will be his first child and we are so excited. Actually, I am feeling so many emotions right now and have so many questions.

Last year Patrick was diagnosed with azzospermia (failure to produce enough sperm). How can I be pregnant? It is truly a miracle. I am still going to call and meet with his Urologist. I really have NO plans. I didn't think this would ever happen to me! Anyway, as you can tell I am giddy with excitement! Thank you all that wrote to me and gave me encouragement! Happy Mother's Day too....(Belated) God is so GREAT!

April 2005

I am posting this six months to the day of my TR. I am not pregnant yet but I still feel great and happy! We haven't lost hope! Thank you again!

October 2004 

Hi! My name is Glenna and my Husbands name is Patrick. We had our TR done in October and here is our story. 

I am sitting here in tears. I am writing for the very first time as a WHOLE woman! First, I want to praise God for allowing this to happen for me and my family. Second, I want to Thank you all for helping it happen as well! Patrick and I have talked about this "chain of command" thing.  I hope that everyone realizes how much they are changing peoples lives through donations, support, encouragement, prayers and then Dr. Perez and his Staff. They are wonderful. I would go back, if I had to!

Here is our story:  We left our home at 3 am on October 22nd to go to the Asheville airport. We checked in and had to hurry up and wait!  The x-ray machine things wasn't even turned on and opened yet.  I was so excited that I knew the morning would probably just drag by.  It was the first time I had to fly since 9/11 so I was a little nervous and we had to fly on one of those super little planes. Patrick paced the floor and finally went into the magazine store when it opened and came back with me a magazine to read.  He has been so great.  After the x-ray machines started running we went through and to much of our surprise neither one of beeped!  We went on and loaded the plane.  Since we left so early in the morning, we got to see the sunrise from about 25,000 ft.  It was absolutely beautiful. I had a calmness around me.  I guess that I was still in disbelief that after all these years of torment, I would be whole again very soon!  The day went on. We had two other layovers.  We felt blessed that all of our flights were pretty much uneventful until the last one!  We were getting ready to land in McAllen and the plane started to fish tail and we had A LOT of turbulence.  I looked around the plane and everyone looked little nervous. I realized then that there was a pilot or co-pilot sitting next to us.  He looked like he was taking notes.  I thought to myself, "Oh No, We have a student pilot!  God, PLEASE, be with him!"  We had a VERY rough landing and I was holding Patrick's hand so tight.  He didn't even notice!  When we had taxied in and stopped the pilot got on the intercom and said "WOW"!

Fanny picked us up and we were on our way to the hospital! She brought her beautiful son. I felt blessed to be able to hold him. We arrived at one of the cleanest hospitals I have ever been in!!!  They cleaned all day long!  She helped us with the paperwork and also told us that surgery would be at 7 pm.  We were really feeling the excitement! I would really recommend Fanny.  She is super sweet!

The nurse took us to the famous room #1, I changed into the gown and she started the IV. She got it on the first try! Her name was Betty, she spoke some English. She was really nice, they all were. She told me that I couldn't have anything to eat or drink, even though I was starved to death!  They would be in around 6:45 to prep! Wow, this was IT!  Patrick and I prayed.  He went out and took some pictures, boy, was it hot around 100 degrees!  Dr. Levy came in and introduced himself. Asked medical questions etc. and chatted.  He could tell I was excited. I thought time would never pass. Finally the nurse came in right on the dot!  She put something on my feet and put my hair in a hat and I was on my way!  I have to admit I was a little nervous but I was ready!

I hopped up on the operating table and felt like I could talk a mile a minute but didn't know who to talk to! I started praying. The cross over the door was so comforting! Patrick was getting his scrubs on and Dr. Moreno started the epidural. I don't remember that. I don't remember rolling back over onto my back. There was NO pain!!! I fought the sleepy drugs because I wanted to be awake. Patrick took great pictures and they went out of their way so that Patrick could get into wherever he wanted. What a brave man! I did feel pressure towards the end of the surgery and I think maybe I started to panic a little.  Dr. Perez poked his head around and said to just breathe that he was almost done!  Dr. Moreno held my hand. They were all so wonderful. It was a little uncomfortable knowing that I had to lay there half naked with a room full of men. I know that they are professionals. Oh, well.

They bandaged me up and back to my room I went. I slept great that night. They left the epidural in and half the next day. I was so relieved to get it all out. Dr. Levy finally came in and told me that the surgery was a success! What news to my ears!!! I have 4 centimeters on each side! Thank you Jesus! Like some other woman, my post op reports wasn't what they found. I didn't even take my post op report with me! I was burned!!! I didn't even know that. I feel deceived. I thought that I had a regular Pomeroy . (that's what my report says) I was cut a little to close to the fimbrial end and the end was curled up BUT Dr. Levy says that they will work! Again, Thank you Jesus. It is now up to Patrick!  I had a low blood count and Dr. Levy told me to go to my regular doctor to have a check up and have the stitches taken out.

Sunday I was released from the hospital and we flew home! I had to walk the airports because the gates got mixed up etc. I got through it.  On the last flight home Patrick had to tell me that Dr. Moreno kept his medical stuff in a Plaino tackle box like the one that he has in the garage! I was so tickled that the woman in front of us turned around and asked if I was ok.  I told her our story and turned out that she was an Oncologist. S he said unfortunately that we are uniformed by our doctors.  She was admitting to PTLS!!! I praised her for her honesty!

I have had minimal pain. I feel GREAT. There is such a wonder about all of this. I still cry for joy. I had my stitches removed yesterday (11/02) and everything looks fine. He will do another blood work up in December. I feel so blessed to have gone to Mexico and meet all the people there. I am whole again! I still can't believe it.  It is such a wonderful feeling. I feel so blessed for being obedient.  It will just be extra to have a baby out of all this!

Thank you all for listening to my story! Thank you God, Blessed Arrows, Dr. Levy, Dr. Perez, Fanny, and all the nurses and cleaning staff, and RioBravoReversals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love in Christ Name,
Glenna and Patrick Underwood (BA Funded)
TL 03/08/98
TR 10/21/04
4cm on each side


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