Jada Watson


March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 2, 2004





March 2004

I just wanted to tell everyone that I had my tubal reversal on 3/2/04 with Dr. Levi (Dr. Perez) and I was so scared because I was alone.

Everyone at the hospital was very nice. I was so sore after I woke up from my surgery, I was crying like a baby. Even through all of the pain I would not trade my decision not for one moment to be whole again is truly a blessing. GOD is wonderful. I will be going back to work on 3/29/04.

Fannie drove me to and from the hospital and she is super! nice, and she is pregnant. She helped me call home and everything she even came by to check on my after my surgery. I really like her. I took my own stitches out WOW.

God bless everyone.
Jada Watson

T/R 3/2/04


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