Cheryl Welch



March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 15, 2004





March 2004

I just thought I would give my testimony, I had a tubal reversal on March 15th 2004. My sister and I drove from Amarillo, TX. to have this done. I had a very good experience with the trip and the surgery, I have no regrets for having a reversal. I only had one tube to reverse, so I thought my chances were very slim to ever become pregnant. I found out I was pregnant July the 15th, one of the happiest days of my life. I didn't know how pregnant I was, because I had a period 10 days before, so then I knew something was wrong. Well I had several hcg levels done, they were not rising like they should, I found out with two sonograms I had a tubal pregnancy.  My doctor here started me on methotrexate before my tube ruptured, I had 2 injections hoping that would work, but the results were not good, I had to have emergency surgery on August 22nd, and they could not save my tube. My heart is now broken, my chances of having another baby is over. My tube had so much scar tissue, there was no way an egg could pass through without getting stuck. I guess I did not realized how risky this surgery was, ectopic pregnancies are very serious, and I do not wish this on anyone. But, I am very thankful to God that I already have two healthy children.

Cheryl Welch


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