Cassandra & Guy Whitehead


July  2004


Tubal ligation

Aug 1993

Tubal reversal 

July 3, 2004


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy! 7/28/05






Melvin Damon Guy whitehead

born 07/28/05 at 11:10 am he weighed 6 lbs 12.5 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.  thanks to everyone who was involved and ,to those of you who said prayers! we had our darling baby boy and, he's adorable!  I'll add photo soon!

To everyone wondering if this is right? or if its possible , we know the Lord is with Dr Perez and yes, there are miracles!

God bless!
Cassandra Whitehead


December 2004

Just wanted to let everyone know of the wonderful miracle I have been given! I'm pregnant! I had my reversal on July 2004 and its Dec 1st 2004 and I'm pregnant! My husband and I are thrilled! We will keep everyone updated! thanks so much for all that you did!

If anyone has any doubts ~ don't! Dr Perez and Dr Levi and all his staff are wonderful! They assist God with miracles! God bless!

predicted due date is Aug 10th 2005!  Pray for us please!

Cassandra W

July 2004

Well on July 3rd 2004 at 630am I left for McAllen! After help from my friend Gretta from the group, (she assisted me in the purchase of my plane ticket) since I had no credit card, I was able to arrange that I sent the money for my ticket to her and, she paid for my plane ticket! Thanks Gretta!!!! After, A long day of plane traveling I finally made it to McAllen Texas at 3:46pm ! I had called days before to arrange for Fanny to pick me up but, as everyone knows she recently had her baby so she never showed up. I then decided I should use my second alternative but, I was very disappointed as Alfredo tried to charge twice what Fanny charges! A very kind lady I met outside of the McAllen airport ( another taxi driver) I believe it was a white taxi her name was Maria offered to get me there ( to the hospital ) and she only charged me 50.00 one way! So I ended up paying $100.00 round trip! But, that was pretty much the worst of my trip.

I arrived at the hospital and just like everyone says, it is very small and very clean! The nurse called Dr. Levi to alert him that I was there. While waiting on him I went to pay a visit to another group girl that was there. Tina G! I visited with her for awhile and soon Dr. Levi entered the room. He was very nice! He spoke really good English and, soon he instructed me to go shower and prep for surgery. I was in room #1 it was very clean! I had a bed, food table, tv/vcr combo, sitting room ,shower, and toilet. it was small but very clean and a lot nicer than most American rooms. I brought my own shampoo etc.. but, they also gave me some ( much like American hotel stuff) . I had already shaved but, did it again. I soon finished and climbed into bed. OHHH was I nervous now! I had traveled alone and just trusted the Lord was there with me in this different country getting surgery! I awaited the next to come ( I expected the iv) as many had stated. Soon Juan ( the male nurse came in with all supplies in hand) He was very good! One quick sting and in the iv went! he didn't speak good English but, got by! very kind! he was able to tell me not to move! He soon taped me up and went away! now the real NERVES set in! A nurse knocked on my door and had a wheelchair in hand. ( I knew what she wanted without the Spanish) I stood up and climbed in and she unlatched my iv bag from the pole and wheeled me away! As I was wheeled to the operating table I passed Dr. Levi ( he was in scrubs) he said well are you ready now? Oh boy! that was a question! I had waited for so long for this moment! YES!

He had three other men in scrubs standing there with him he said "Cassandra this is Dr. Perez, Dr. Moreno and (I really cant seem to remember the third) I shook their hand! None said too much I don't think they really spoke English. A nurse was there also but, I'm unsure which one. They assisted me on the table and instructed me to lie on my side. ( fetal position Dr. Moreno said) at that time anxiety really set in as, all my prior childbirths were all natural and I had never had a epidural! I could feel cold, wet on my back and his hands on my back firmly. He seemed to work quickly but precisely! I guess I panicked and said that I didn't want to feel it! I saw Dr. Levi with a syringe and he put a little sleepy medicine in my iv. I cant say I really felt anything but, I kind of remember a small sting nothing horrible though! Soon I think my legs went numb! They were touching me cause I could kind of feel it but, Dr Levi grabbed my side I think and asked if I could feel it I said yea kind of! soon I must have fell asleep and when I woke they were working on me , I'm unsure how long into it but, I talked awhile and asked Levi how bad was I? He said "no Cassandra your fine I'll tell you more tomorrow!" go to sleep. Again I fell asleep only to awaken again to everyone laughing " I'm still unsure about what but it was funny I guess!" Dr. Moreno I think the anesthesiologist was real nice I told him he was a young doctor he said yes 22 years. wow! He was a very kind man , gentle I remember! He asked me if I was ok a lot ! I was ! He kindly wiped my lips with a rag wet. and my forehead! Soon I was asleep again and , awoke with them finishing up ! Again I asked Levi was I real bad he said " no Cassandra you have 5 and 6 left! Ill talk more tomorrow. I rested in peace ! soon everyone was moving me to my bed! I was sore to lift to the bed ! But they helped me and soon tucked me in and I rested. That night I woke a very kind woman brought me a light tray with Jell-O, fruit and juice. That night the pain was not real bad I slept most of the night. The epidural was great! The nurse's came in about every 2-3 hours to check on you!

The morning came and I was more alert! they brought breakfast! It was very good! ( I didn't go out to eat so the hospital food is what I ate) I'm sure its not as good than if you go out but it was fine. Dr. Levi came in to see me . I asked him my chances he said he felt 70-90 percent . He drew a picture showing how my tubes were done . ( they had cut them off in the center, and I had a lot of scar tissue on my left side. but I had 5 on my left and 6 on my right . he explained that while he was in there he noticed I had a condition called diverticulitis. That he was surprised I had no symptoms . I said no but that it ran in my family and I wasn't surprised. he said he removed a small obstruction but didn't do much as he didn't want me going home with a colostomy bag. He stated he put me on some strong antibiotics and for me to have that checked. I asked him if I could live ok with this and could it be treated. he said ooh yes that I should change my diet and eat more fiber, and loose a little weight . I asked will this effect my plans to conceive? he said No he didn't feel it would as he cleared all the scar tissue out and my ovaries looked great. he felt i would be fine but, should heal from this operation and seek a doctor about being treated for diverticulitis. I was very impressed as most doctors may see other things that are wrong but usually they just make you have to wait and find out so they can get more money for operations. Dr Levi wasn't like that he was very caring, he treated you like someone who cared about you and your health! I thanked him and he said " don't worry I think you will have a little one soon" ! I again thanked him and he left! he told me to rest the night! they were all very good to me!

Most of the nurses don't speak good English but, they were so caring that I never was hungry or cold or in pain to much! Soon my epi was removed and my cath! I showered and begin to walk a little! I was pretty sore but, they always made sure to give me pain meds. I was probably more of a baby with the pain as I have never really had much surgery! So to me It hurt! I returned home , as Fanny was great and picked me up to return me to the airport! She was very sweet! Thanks Fanny! I had a long flight home but all went well and, I arrived home. I called my home doctor for stronger pain meds.. All went well and now it has been 5 days since my surgery! I saw my doctor and she says the incision site is great! healing well~ I see her again next week , she gave me pain meds and told me to rest. I still am pretty sore but, each day seems a little easier! I started my first cycle after surgery! It's usually very painful, and heavy, but so far its great! kind of like it was before my tubal!

I will continue to rest to allow my body to heal! I pray now that I heal well and that soon the lord will grant us a little one. I told My doctor about the diverticulitis and after I heal she will order a few test but all seems fine so far. Be sure to carry that pillow and a couple chemically activated ice packs. It sure makes the trip nicer! Dr Levi sent home a manilla envelope with me it contained a receipt for my surgery and , details of his surgery! T his was helpful for my doctor. ! My total cost was 2240.00 ! I haven't conceived yet but , I know that is up to the Lord now! As for the surgery and hospital and doctors! they were GREAT! and , if your scared don't be the L ord is there you can feel his presence in the room! I would do it all over again in a moment! I'll update more as time goes by!

God Bless!

Cassandra & Guy Whitehead
TL 8/93
TR 7/2004

PS.. I wanted to let you and everyone there know how wonderful my experience there was! I have never been treated so wonderful! I have ran across this horrible link that leads you to a very small group that say horrible things about the group and the doctors and it really is upsetting that this person can get away with slandering the Rio bravo name! Dr Perez nor the group I feel deserve such horrible treatment ! As I stated I had my surgery there recently and the treatment I received was superb! I do not believe there is a better doctor or services! I wish I could yell from the roof tops and that all would hear me of the wonderful work he does and how great they treated me!

God Bless! Cassandra


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