Carrie Wiggins


February 2004


Tubal reversal  Feb 10, 2004





February 2004 (update Dec 2004)

I had my reversal last February 10th. I was given a 50% chance of conceiving because of short tube lengths. RL-3- 4cm..LL-1-2cm. Have been trying since then with no luck so I finally gave up trying. On November 22 (my daughters 10th birthday) I ended up in the ER and was given a wonderful surprise ++++++++++ was told that I was five weeks pregnant. I was wonderfully surprised. my numbers were low but they said it should be ok.

Unfortunately something did not feel right I was cramping in my lower back and began having pain on my left side. The day after Thanksgiving I began spotting and went back to the ER and was told that my numbers had dropped and that it was a tubal..I was given an injection and sent home. This was 3 1/2 weeks ago.

While I am still grieving my loss (especially since I am still having some pregnancy symptoms) I am extremely happy to know that Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez performed a miracle. Dr. Levi said I had no chance of conceiving on the left side and guess what...I did!!!! Figure that out. I will try again after a few months and see what happens.

Carrie Wiggins
rt-3-4  lt-1-2
blessed with 7 wonderful, healthy children



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