Kate & Brian Wilson


March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 13, 2004

Pregnancy #1

 It's a Boy!! 3/1/05

Pregnancy #2

It's a Girl!! 9/13/06








Ellora-Hope Katherine Wilson

I gave birth on September 13, 2006 to  She weighed 6 lb. 9 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.  We feel so truly blessed. Dr. Perez is just wonderful!   Thank you to all!





Benjamin Gabriel Wilson

born on March 1, 2005. He weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. and was 19 1/4 inches long.



November 2004

Just had to share. We had our ultrasound, and we're having a boy!
Blessings and prayers to all of you!

Kate Wilson

July 2004

I'm Pregnant!! I can't believe. 3 months, almost to the day, and I conceived! I just had to let you all know! I am so excited, but also praying for a healthy baby.

My due date is March 10th ~ almost exactly a year after my reversal!

God is so good! Blessings, Kate Wilson

March 2004

Our Trip to Rio Bravo:

Our flight was scheduled to leave early on Friday morning, the 12th of March. We headed down the road, all the time thinking about the kids. The 4 of them were staying with 3 different families. We arrived at the airport and literally walked right on the plane, after passing through security of course. Brian flew us first class since he had lots of frequent flyer miles. We were served a continental breakfast of cereal and bagels on the plane. We were flying from Colorado Springs to Dallas/Ft. Worth. In Dallas we met up with Jodie and Joe, the couple from our area that were making the trip with us. They drove to Albuquerque, NM and then flew to Dallas, that way their son could stay with relatives in NM. We made the rest of the trip together.

From Dallas we flew into McAllen, Texas. It was so warm, and humid. There were palm trees which we hadn’t seen since the last time we’d been to Florida. We met Fanny. We were trying to get all our luggage and meet up with Fanny, but we had no idea what she looked like. I suppose I was standing there looking confused because she came up to me and asked me if I was Katherine Wilson, and I said, “Yes, are you Fanny?” She smiled and said yes. (I did suggest that she hold up a card or something next time, so people can spot her more easily) We rounded up Brian, Jodie and Joe and headed out to her car. It wasn’t a very big car, but was comfortable
enough for the 5 of us. She drove us through McAllen and on towards the Mexican border. This was very exciting for Brian and I because neither of us had ever been to Mexico!

We drove through the US side of the border and the roads got terrible and there was trash literally everywhere. Then we came to the Mexican side. We passed through with no questions asked and were on our way. Fanny was just great. She really went out of her way to show us around and point things out to us, and explain things. She has a husband and little boy who is 3. They are also expecting their second, also a boy. Her mom is one of the nurses there. All the nurses were great. We took pictures of our kids and they all wanted to hear their names. It was a lot of fun!

We drove through some country where we saw lots of chickens, goats, unusual birds, and folks, selling things along the road. We had wanted to go shopping at that point, but Fanny got a call and I guess it was from Dr. Levi. We went straight to the hospital in Rio
Bravo. We pulled up in front and Brian and I thought it was really nice. Not modern, but clean, very clean. The outside is painted pink and has a butterfly on it. Fanny walked us in and introduced us to Dr. Levi, who took us to our rooms. Our room was very nice. It was small, but private and it was clean. There were butterflies on everything! We had a hospital bed and then a cot for Brian, a TV, and bathroom. We were very comfortable.

Dr. Levi speaks good English so that made it nice. When he took Brian and I back to our room, room number 3, he wanted to know if I’d want to have surgery that night, instead of early in the morning when it was actually scheduled. I was really nervous about this, but had heard of it happening to others, so kind of expected it. I said, sure, why not (in all actuality, I was scared to death)! We got settled in, and I got changed into a hospital gown, also adorned with a butterfly. I also had an IV started, and within 2 hours, they were wheeling me back to surgery in a wheelchair. Now, I really was terrified by this point. I didn’t really want an epidural and I knew they would be catheterizing me, and I wasn’t thrilled about that either. Dr. Levi had assured me that I would feel nothing, and he kept giggling at me because I was so nervous. He told me that once they took me into OR, he would put some stuff in my IV and wave goodbye, and he was absolutely right!

Well, they took us back to the OR. It was a small room, but shiny and clean. Up on the wall over the door was a crucifix. That brought me comfort. Brian went into surgery with me. to be able to see what is going. They asked me to get up on the table, and roll onto my side. I thought, oh no, I am going to feel the epidural going in, but then I saw them putting something in my IV, and I don’t remember much after that. Surgery lasted around 2 hours and during that time, I woke up a few times, and asked some questions, but to be honest I don’t really remember much of what I said. I do however remember asking Brian what they had gotten done so far, and he told me that they had just finished with one side and I had 6 cm. That was definitely more that I had hoped for, and I felt immediately blessed. I dozed off again. Brian teased me later that I was asking Dr. Perez and dr. Levi if I could take some of that good medicine back home with me. The next thing I remember was them waking me to move me onto a stretcher to take my back to my room. They got me into my bed, and I was in a good bit of pain.

They kept the epidural in and that was an experience in itself because I could not feel my legs at all! Brian had to adjust them. At one point, one of my legs fell off the bed, and I said, can you come over here and pick up my leg and put it back on the bed. When I first got out of surgery I was so cold, and but within an hour, I was burning up and had to really talk myself out of a few panic attacks. They kept the epidural going strong and then gave me something through my IV so I could rest. To be honest, it was a miserable first night and next day, but I just kept telling myself, this will pass and I kept saying 6 and 7, 6 and 7, which is how much tube I ended up with on each side.

Dr. Levi told Brian that as long as he was doing his part that we should have no problem having a baby. This is way more than I hoped for and I feel so blessed. It's interesting to point out that I had sent my surgical reports to a certain well renowned Dr. here in the states and he had told me that there was nothing he could do for us.

We woke up every morning to the most amazing birds we had ever heard. They were right outside our window and just sang and sang. We spent all day Saturday there at the hospital. I had quite a bit of pain, but I managed ok. That evening we met several other couples that were having their surgery done. We found out that over the weekend, they had 13 couples come through the hospital for their surgery. Amazing!

On late Saturday afternoon, I got my epidural, IV, and catheter out and boy was I pleased! Brian was able to wheel me outside quite a bit in a wheelchair to get some air. It was very wet and humid there. It had been raining. We sat and talked with the other couples and then Brian, Joe and Jesse, went down the street and got some food. It was pollo (chicken) and toquitos (insert from Brian…”El Pollo Loco” was really good!)! It was so good, but I wasn’t able to eat much of it.

We had been asking for a light bulb in our bathroom and hadn’t gotten one. Levi really is the busiest person around there and takes care of so many. He had left for home on Saturday night and then I guess he remembered the light bulb, because he came back late that night and put one in for us. I had sort of a rough night on Saturday night and had to be given something for pain, twice. Before I went to bed, they gave me a pill, and then in the middle of the night, they gave me a shot. I was able to get some rest.

On Sunday morning, I was able to get up and get a shower, which I was very thankful to get. Then we saw Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, and paid our bill. It came to $2050. Fanny came and got us about 10. She took us to Progresso, for some shopping. This town has an annual celebration on March 21st every year. It is a tourist day, and from what we were told it’s a BIG deal. We could tell they were gearing up for that. That really was an experience, because the people were just so overwhelming. We walked around and did some shopping. Brian and I went and bought the kids some souvenirs. After we left Progresso, we headed for the border. We crossed with no problem. We had about an hour there at the airport before it was time to fly out.

I can say that Brian and I both felt a little sadness leaving there. We really both fell in love with Mexico and want very much to go back. We are back home now and glad to be here, and see our kids again. We do hope to go back to Mexico soon for a visit. We just loved it there, and want to take the kids. We'll see what the next months have to bring.

I want to say that I feel so very blessed and we'd make the trip again without thinking twice! Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi are absolutely the best!

Kate Wilson
6 on left side
7 on right side


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