Kelly Wolsiffer


Aug  2004


Tubal reversal 

Aug , 2004


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 m/c

Pregnancy #3 edd

It's a Girl!  Feb 20, 2007

Pregnancy #4 edd

May 20, 2009


5-6 cm left     

4cm right






Addison Lynn Wolsiffer

Arrived via C-Section February 20, 2007 @ 1:05pm. She weighed in at 7#15oz. & 19.5 inches long. She is just perfect!  C-Section went on as planned but I was warned not to have any more babies... which I knew from Dr. Levi b/c of scar tissue. 

I am happy with my one blessing!  Other than that we are all doing great and I cannot thank Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi enough for giving me this beautiful person to love! Never did I see myself with a baby again and they made our dreams come true! Girls don't give up hope! Don't lose faith!  Addison truely is a miracle.



September 2008

Add me to the ever growing list of spring babies!!  We are completely in shock right now. I wasn't planning on another TR baby but we are pretty excited!!

Thank you Dr. Perez!

October 2006

I  just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I had my ultrasound yesterday and our little baby is a girl(!) and she looks perfect! I am now 21 weeks pregnant and time is flying so fast!  After two loses I feel very blessed and can't wait to meet our little miracle!


T.R. August 2004
1st PG: May 2005 Etopic
2nd PG: June 2005 m/c
3rd PG: edd 2.23.07 Girl!

August 2004

Hello I have returned from my TR. Everything went pretty smoothly. Our plane left Thursday morning and we rented a car and drove to South Padre Island and stayed there until Friday afternoon. Very nice, our hotel was extremely nice for the price and we ate dinner on the gulf of Mexico.

We arrived in Rio Bravo at 5:00. We had no major problems getting there. The front desk called Dr. Levi who spoke to my DH on the phone. Dr. Levi asked when the last time I had eaten and DH told him 7:30am. So he said he would be at the hospital in 1.5 hours to due TR. I was hoping this would be the case because the TR was scheduled for Saturday at 7am. So off to our room to be prepped. Talked with Dr. Levi for awhile. He was so kind. A truly wonderful person. All I remember is them telling me curl in the fetal position and I was out cold!

My outcome was 5-6 left and 4 right w/ a 70 percent chance. Not too bad. My TL report was not correct I guess.  They did a partial hysterectomy during my last C-Section. I had a lot of scar tissue. The TL doctor also cut off my right fimbria! Dr. Perez did some major reconstruction. At least I still have some tube on the right side! The worst part of the surgery was probably the I.V. in my hand. It hurt worst than my incision! :0)

I never met Dr. Perez or even saw him. All the nurses were nice and the language did not cause us a problem. We had brought w/ us an American/Mexican dictionary which helped.  We left Sunday morning to catch our plane in McAllen. The first plane was 30 minutes late which caused us to miss our connecting flight so we were stranded in the Memphis Airport for another 5 hours. T hat was horrible. My DH enjoyed pushing me around in the wheel chair though!

So the trip was a success and I am glad to be home and whole again.

Kelly Wolsiffer

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