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April  2004


Tubal ligation May 14, 1998

Tubal reversal  Apr 3, 2004





April 2004

We started our tubal reversal journey on Friday April 2nd. My husband Ben dropped my mother-in-law and I off at the airport, he looked very nervous and wished he was going, but, we felt it was best if he stayed with the kids and my mother-in-law go with me so she could help with translations for me. I was so excited to get this journey started. We flew on American Airlines out of Oklahoma City. Unfortunately after we boarded the plane we had to sit on the runway for 45 minutes before our flight actually took off. When we got to Dallas for our connecting flight we had to rush through the airport, because we only had 15 minutes before our connecting flight took off.

We actually arrived in McAllen earlier than scheduled, which was nice. We had no idea that the McAllen airport was so small only 4 runways!!! I had remembered that Fanny was pregnant and I had seen pictures of her so I had an idea of what she looked like. She was waiting for us in front of a gift shop like she said she would. I went up to her and said you must be Fanny she smiled and said you must be Mary. She helped us get our bags from baggage claim. Once we got in the car we asked Fanny if she minded if we stopped somewhere to pick up something to eat at McDonald's or something like that she said that was no problem. When we got in front of McDonald's she asked if we really wanted McDonald's or would we like to eat some food in Mexico? She said taco in Mexico are very good, so we said sure....we didn't want to pass up some authentic Mexican food. Fanny is fantastic and so full of energy. Her baby is due in July and she is having a boy. When we arrived in Rio Bravo, Fanny told us that we were very lucky, because we were the first ones she had given a grand tour to and the first ones she had taken to her favorite taco stand. The tacos were the best tacos I have ever eaten in my life!!! To bad the taco stand is only open in the evenings or we would have stopped there on the way back to the airport Sunday morning.

After we finished eating we went on over to the hospital and Fanny helped us get checked in. We were in room number 3. I was amazed on how clean the rooms and hospital was. The do clean your room at least 3 times a day. We then realized that we couldn't use our cell phones in Mexico but my husband could call us. Then, Dr. Levy came in and introduced himself. He if very funny. He answered all of our questions and didn't rush us, he was very patient. Dr. Levy did make sure to explain to us that what was on the original tubal op report may be different than what they actually find when they go into do the reversal. Which of course we all have heard the horror stories. They came in a 7am the next morning and drew blood for blood tests and started my I.V. At 8a.m. they came to get me for surgery. I saw Dr. Perez when they wheeled me in the operating room and I looked up and saw the cross, I felt more calm at that point. Then I met Dr. Moreno he is fantastic, he explained to me what he was going to do, then held my hand and assured me everything would be fine. They then put some sleepy medicine in my I.V. and I didn't feel anything after that. I do remember waking up a couple of times during surgery and Dr. Moreno held my hand and asked if I was okay and if I needed anything.

Dr. Levy did explain the outcome of my surgery to my mother-in-law and said he would be in later to explain it to me when I was awake. Gigi did come and visit me but I don't remember all of our conversation. Dr. Levy came in later and explained the procedure on my left side when the doctor did my tubal for some reason they had cut off my left fimbria, so they had to do some major reconstruction on that side and I had 6cm I was very grateful...I feel if I had used another doctor they may not have even tried to do that. He said my right looked fantastic and I had 5cm on that side. Dr. Levy did tell me I have a 50% chance the left side could end up blocking but all I can do is remain positive and pray for the best.

Thank you Dr. Perez, Dr. Levy, and Dr. Moreno all of you are truly a godsend. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

God Bless

Mary and Ben Zangri

TR 4/3/04 left 6cm right 5cm


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