Karena & Ramon Aguilar


December 2005


Tubal reversal 

Dec 16 ,2005


6 cm. on both sides




Dec 2005

My name is Karena Aguilar and my husbands name is Ramon Aguilar.  I had my tubs tied about 10 years now. I had my Tub-Reversal done on Dec. 16, 2005. My sis and I both had the T.R done on the same day. I left my house on the 15th to go to her home in Indianapolis. we could not sleep much that night. We went to the airport at about 4 am on the 16th and got to Harlingen TX. at about 10:45 am. Marcos picked us up and took us to the Hospital. He is a very good man. He asked us both had we ate or drank anything and if we were ready for surgery. We told him are surgery was not till Dec.17th he said no we are going to do it today if its ok with you guys.  We got to the hospital and filled out paper work, also we were nerves they took us both to room 7 to have are iv's put in.  A few moments later the Dr. Levi came to ask us about any of are medical history.  Was not long till they took sis to surgery, and guess what I was next.

I went in to surgery about 4 they gave me so sleepy juice, but I didn't sleep then they put the epidural in also it didn't hurt. I talked to the doctors through the whole surgery you can ask for better doctors!  They really do care.

After the surgery Dr. Levi checked on me in room 6 about every 2-3 hours. The nurses were very caring also the hospital was super clean! I would recommend him to anyone who needs or wants a tube reversal. I have 6 cm. on both sides and a 70-80 percent to have a baby.

I can't thank Dr. Roberto and Levi enough. 

Karena Marie Aguilar



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