Jodi & Michael Anaya




March 2005


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

Mar 18 ,2005


Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl - 5/01/2007

Pregnancy #2

It's a boy!  1/10/09








Michael David Anaya

I delivered a second TR baby on Jan 10, 2009.  He was 5 weeks early so he was a preemie  due to pre-eclampsia and toxemia. But he was healthy.

I want to Thank Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi for all the wonderful memories and my two beautiful additions  to my family it would have never been possible without there miracles.



Baby Girl Anaya

I just wanted everyone in the whole world to know about the miracles Dr Perez and Dr Levi do . proof is in the pudding. I delivered my miracle May 1, 2007 @8:07 pm. 7 lbs 7 oz 20 inches long she's beautiful perfect. everything I ever dreamed of . thank you



July 2008

We found out in May that we are pregnant with our second TR baby!   We are due in Feb 10, 2009 , I will keep everyone updated.

April 2007

I just wanted to update everyone on our baby IT'S A GIRL !!!!!!! I am in my 9th month and ready to have this baby . I will post pictures as soon as she is born .

thanks Dr Perez and Dr Levi!!!!
love the Anaya Family

September 2006

Yesterday Sept 5, 2006 , We found out we were pregnant . This will be our first reversal baby , EDD May 5,2007.  My Miracle

April 2005

First of all I want to say  Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi are angels from God. Sent to earth to work miracles!!!!!!!  We need more doctor's in USA like them.

My name is Jodi Anaya . I'm from Phoenix, Arizona.  Michael and I were together as teenagers. I first got pregnant at 20 yrs old, he was 17.  I left him (he didn't know I was preg) and married someone else.  We divorced about 3 yrs later. Michael and I got back together (him not knowing I had his son). We then reunited our family had another son in 2000, when I decided to have a Tubal ligation.  Biggest mistake of my life, I've always wanted 5 or 6 kids .  So for almost 4 yrs I searched for a doctor to do my reversal.  Always finding depressing news. Until December 2004, when I found dr. Perez and dr. Levi.

I arrived In McAllen on March 18 ,2005.  Fanny picked me up she is so sweet. I wasn't scheduled for surgery until the 19th, but when I got there Dr. Levi said "are you ready for surgery?"  I was real nervous, being a nurse in Arizona.  My surgery started around 7pm. That first night was kind of bad.  But the nurses were wonderful about the pain.  I then met two wonderful people there.  Chelia and her mother, Chelia also had the procedure.

My whole experience was wonderful. I would do it over in a heartbeat.  I am fully recovered , and going to start trying to have more babies real soon .

from the whole Anaya familia,

Michael, Jodi, Sergio and Mario Michael

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