Catrina & Troy Bombardier


December 2005


Tubal reversal

Dec 21,  2005


Pregnancy #1 edd 2006



July 2006

We were very scared going to Mexico for surgery, but once we flew in and met the Dr's our fears were over. We were treated very kindly. I knew having this surgery there might be a chance we would just be out the money with nothing to show for it, but we went forward with hope in our hearts. I did find out they had to remove a small tumor from one tube during surgery and I had to have one of the hands totally reconstructed and I had endometriosis.

But guess what, it is July 3rd,2006 and I am now 23 weeks pregnant with a little boy.... No we did not use any form of fertility drug or ovulation tests or anything else. I just tell everyone including my OB here in Arizona (lots of practice makes perfect).

I totally give all my thanks to god and Dr Levi and Dr. Perez.

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