Amy & Paul C


November 2005


Tubal reversal 

Dec 17th 2005


6-7 cm each side


HSG  2/22/06 

both tubes open




February 2006

My name is Amy (27) and I had my reversal on December 17th 2005 with Dr. Perez.  We drove to McAllen and used Marcos to shuttle us to Rio Bravo. He was very nice. Our cell phone battery was low and he drove us to a local Wal-Mart to buy a charger. I would recommend him to anyone.

My husband and I arrived the night prior to my surgery and I was taken to my room. They gave me Room 1, which I found out later to be the “deluxe” room. I was not feeling well because of a very bad cold and I had even lost my voice. The next morning Dr. Levi came in prior to surgery and asked me some basic medical history. He asked me why I was there (a tubal reversal of course!) and if I knew where I was (Mexico?) which threw me for a minute because the answers were so obvious, but I know they have to make sure the patients are completely informed.  Immediately after that they took me into surgery. They placed my epidural and then my husband joined me. They put antiseptic on my tummy and my husband passed out! After he came to, they escorted him to his room and then began the surgery.

My surgery was not as long as I had anticipated it being. I ended up with 6-7 cm’s on each side. I am so thankful! Hubby ended up with a small gash on his head, but overall he did well too! The doctors were very nice and they even treated me for my cold. The coughing I had was not as painful as with a c-section.  As far a recovery goes, I felt better in a week and was almost 100% by three weeks.

I had an HSG on 2/22/06 and both tubes were open. I had no idea how teeny tiny my tubes were.  Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi are very talented! I will keep you updated.


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