Angela Cady

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Reversal 12/03/05
Lengths L5.5 R5.5
Preg  1 It's a Girl! 12/2006
Preg  2 m/c 2008
Preg  3 It's a Boy! 04/2008
Preg 4 It's a Boy! 02/2010
Preg 5 It's a Boy! 12/2011





Welcome Sullivan Jesse

born Dec 2011

Welcome Elias Jeffery

born Feb 2010.

Welcome Julian Alexander

Our son was born April 2008, he was 8lbs and 1oz and 22 inches long!

thank-you and God Bless!

Jan 2008

Just wanted to update, that I am almost 25 weeks now and we are having a BOY! We are so thrilled!

Welcome Adrienne Grace

born December 2006 6lbs 15oz at 2:23 pm

July 2006

We had our 20 week sonogram yesterday and we are having a healthy Baby Girl!! We are so blessed, I can't believe it's a girl, I'm so happy! I have rooted for either one, Bryan has felt the whole time it was a girl, Daddy was right! She weighs almost a pound already! What a miracle!


May 2006

My DH (Bryan) and I went in for the second ultrasound and the heart rate is 131, right where it's suppose to be!!! Thank-You GOD, is the words that came out of my mouth when I heard those words, with Bryan holding my hand we were both in tears of happiness and relief! We even saw the little hand and feet buds and the little head! Baby Cady is doing great, thank-you all for your prayers! I am two days shy of being 8 weeks along and I still can't believe that I am carrying our child we have longed to have for so long, I have to remind myself I am not dreaming! :) My EDD is December 14,2006!

Sincerely Blessed, Angela & Bryan Cady

April 2006

Hi, my name is Angela and my DH (Bryan) and I are both 30. I had a tubal ligation reversal on 12/3/05 and I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, praise the Lord! I went for my first BIG appointment yesterday and my first US, everything is where it's suppose to be and I saw the our precious baby's heartbeat but they said that it's a little slow :( it is beating at 79 where as it's suppose to be like 110. I got back the 26th, Wednesday for another US, I have read and read last night on this and it doesn't look to encouraging, my dh and I have been through so much in our lives, this baby is a true miracle out of so much tragedy we have had, I been begging GOD to make my baby's heartbeat stronger, I'm asking anyone that believes to please pray with us, faith is all I have right now.


Dec 2005

I am so thankful to be placing my story here this year. I am not going to share about every step of the trip down there, but to share about why and how our decision was to have the reversal.

We are Bryan and Angela Cady, we are both 30 years old and have been through so much in our lives. We are both former young widowers, Bryan lost his first wife and unborn child to a drunk driver in 1998, and I lost my first spouse to suicide five years ago, and both my parents in 97 and 99. There are three children from me, that are now ours, ages 14,12 and 5. This is how we met, in a young widowers support group, we lived far apart from each other, and GOD brought us together against all odds. We were married on Valentine's Day and TLC's "A Wedding Story" put us on television, it was a bittersweet beginning to a wonderful journey. Our love grows stronger everyday, and we have made mistakes, have learned from each other, have had much happiness, craziness, and many tears together and go to sleep every night and are so thankful to be together everyday.

There was just one thing missing, our ability to share a child together that was apart of us. I needed to have a tubal reversal to make it for four years and many, many tears later our dream was made real. We have never wanted something so much than this. December 3rd,2005 was when I had the surgery. Thank GOD for Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez for giving us a chance. Now I feel like a real woman again, my confidence is back because my body is whole again and I feel closer to my husband than I ever could. He is such a wonderful father and husband, and I hope to share a little life with him someday soon, to let life come from all the death we have seen, this to, in itself, would be bittersweet. Even though we don't know of the future yet, I am so thankful to GOD and the doctors and my husband for been given just a chance of having a little "us". That's all we have ever prayed for is a chance, and we pray for all those having to wait for their surgery because of whatever circumstance it is a hard and painful wait for most of us, but worth every tear when you get there.


Bryan and Angela Cady