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November 2005


Tubal reversal 

Nov 18, 2005


4cm on each side





Nov 2005

I went to have my surgery In Rio Bravo on November 18,2005. My husband Angel and I started our journey from Phoenix, AZ on Nov 16. WE drove more than 24 hours to get to McAllen,T X (and believe me it was a long ride) but we got there a day earlier and called Marcos to let him know that we were there and he told me he would would pick us up on Friday morning. He called us early Friday morning and met us at the airport. He was very nice and on time and very informative about a lot of the questions I had. We were picked up by Marcos at the airport along with another couple.  We crossed the border without incidence. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see how nice and clean the rooms were and how nice the entire staff was. We were immediately escorted to our room and prepped for the surgery which was scheduled for the following morning but because we were there early Dr. Perez did my surgery that evening. I was wheeled into surgery about 6:30 that evening and everything went fine, there were no problems. The following day I was up and walking around with very little discomfort.

The nurses were very nice and knowledgeable and every time they came to my room they explained what they were doing. I they made sure that I was ok and not in pain (I am bilingual). I only saw Dr. Perez at the surgery but Dr. Levy was there and answered any and all questions I had, he is a very sweet, kind man and I feel he is very honest. He explained to me what to expect - I have 4cm on each side.  The staff was there every time I requested anything and Dr Levy answered tons of questions I had. He gave me a 50% chance to conceive as I am 37 years old and had my tube tied 14 1/2 years ago. We were released the next evening and my husband and I started the 24 hour drive back home to Phoenix Arizona.

I removed the stitches 10 days later and went to see my regular doctor. He told me he was also impressed at the surgery that had been done on me and said the doctors did a great job as well as as doctors in the United States.  All was well until I never got my menstrual cycle as it was supposed to come. I went back to the doctor after 47 days without a cycle and he said that the surgery had caused my body to go into "shock" so he gave me a shot of progesterone to help "jump start" my cycle. I got the shot on Dec 19 and got my cycle on Dec 24. Now I am waiting to try and start to get pregnant.

I can only say to any and all women who are looking to have this procedure, going to Rio Bravo is the way to go. Not only because of the price but because of the professional doctors and staff that they have. There is no way I could've afforded this surgery in the USA but women such as myself are blessed to have doctors such as Dr Perez and Dr Levy that are aware of this economic hardship and the desire for women that have made this decision to become "whole" again. 

 I trust that I will be successful in my goal to create a child with the "love of my life". I was lead to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy by God and with God "all things are possible". I will send an update when I am pregnant. Notice the word "when" because I am sure that I will be pregnant within 6 months. Look forward to hearing from me.

Many thanks and when we do become pregnant I look forward to sending a pic of my new bundle of joy.

Angela Carias-Solis


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