Jennifer Chance - Aguirre


January 2005


Tubal reversal 

Jan 23, 2005

Pregnancy #1

Due Feb 8, 2006





Jun 2005

My name is Jennifer I am 29. I had My tubes tied 7 years ago.  I went to Mexico Jan. 23 2005 and had my tubes Untied I have to say EVERYONE is great in Mexico I was a little scared at first I was not sure if any one would speak English but Dr Perez and Dr Levi both speak very good English and so does the other Doctors.

Today is June the 9th my due date is Feb.. 8 2006.  I am 5 wks and I am so thankful for everyone in Mexico thank all of you. I will update when I find out what the baby is. For anyone wanting to know if its safe or ok to go to Mexico, it is very safe and again everyone there is very nice.


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