Sandy Daugherty

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State Texas
Surgery Date 12/18/05
Tube lengths L 6 R 4.5
Pregnancy 1

It's a Girl!

Pregnancy 2

It's a Boy! 11/26/07

Pregnancy 3

It's a Girl! 




Welcome Abigayil Elisheba

born on August 17,2009 at home with her mom (of course, LOL), daddy, and her brothers and sister. She weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz.  She measures about 21 in.  She arrived at 4:20 am after about 3 hours of active labor and is tubal reversal baby #3.  She is beautiful as are the rest of our children. The last 3 are special little blessings from Yahweh our heavenly father and thanks to the doctors dedication to give us women back what we let others take away for the chance to have them. We are so thankful for their caring and dedication to their patients.  We are still so thankful to the staff for all they did. It is still the best experience we have had in any hospital.

Mar 2009

I am sending this as an update on my third pregnancy after my tubal reversal in 2005. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and all has gone well as with the last two. We have done one sono which confirms one baby as far as we can see. As before I want to thank all the staff and doctors for the wonderful care they gave us when we were there. We have met not any others with their concern for their patients. We wish them all the best.

Feb 2009

I had my reversal done on December 17, 2005. My tube lengths are 6 cm. on the right and 4-5 on the left. I recently found out I am now about 10 weeks pregnant. We are waiting until later on to see whether there is one or possibly twins. At 7 weeks my uterus is measuring about 12 weeks to 13 weeks for some reason. I will update on this later in the pregnancy. For now we have seen one for sure but they are watching for the cause of the discrepancy for now. The baby we have seen in the sono seems to be growing just like is supposed to. The doctors have not listened to the heartbeat as of yet so we are guessing all is well. This will be tr baby #3 for sure unless it turns out to be twins as I have already had a set of twins previously.

Welcome Joshua Jacob

On November 26,2007 I delivered our son at 9:29 am.  I was 38 weeks pregnant.  He weighed 7lbs. 6.2 oz and was 20 &1/2 inches long.  The labor and delivery went well.  He is doing very well with us at home and his big sister is already very protective of him.  We can never thank the doctors and staff enough for the wonderful care they took of us.  We are also so thankful that God is blessing us with babies.  God bless you all!

August 2007

My TR was December of 2006. We got our 20-21 week sonogram today. We found out that I am carrying a baby boy. His name is Joshua Jacob Daugherty. He is growing well and healthy. He was moving all over the place. I am really happy for him and we thank God because I wanted at least one boy to carry my DH's name. He has given us a girl and a boy now.

July 2007

Just a quick update on number 2. The baby is moving now. I am still having morning sickness pretty bad. My blood pressure has not been anymore of a problem and I do not have to take medicine for it. Rachel,who is TR baby number 1, is growing fast. At 4 months she threw away her baby bottle and will not drink from a sippy cup. She prefers a regular cup. She just turned 7 months old. She has been using a walker for over a month now and is pulling up on everything. We are almost 20 weeks with baby number 2. Thanks again to the wonderful doctors and staff at the hospital.

April 2007

Hello to all the doctors and staff at Rio Bravo! We just found out we are expecting TR baby number 2. This baby will be due around Dec. 12,2007. Rachel is doing very well still but growing. Our first doctors appointment is April 27,2007. We are 5 weeks into this pregnancy. Thanks again for this chance!!!!!! For all those waiting remember everything happens in God's time and the way he wants.

Welcome Rachel Eileen

Born 12/15/06 - She weighed 7 pounds and 6.2 ounces. She was 20 inches long. She also has a head full of hair (blondish brown). We had a successful VBAC birth and she is growing up a storm. We are having an easy time with nursing and she has a steady eating schedule. We thank God we are both healthy and strong. Thanks again to our doctors and staff at Rio Bravo!

November 2006

I am Sandy Daugherty and I had my TR on December 17, 2005. As of my last update we had some questions about our due date but at 32 weeks it was confirmed that our baby girl is due on December 17,2006. We had some problems with our OB so we have switched to a midwife to get better care for our baby and I. She got a sonogram done at 32 weeks because she found that Rachel had not flipped and would have been born breech. She has estimated the Rachel's weight at around 6-7 pounds at least. I am right at 38 weeks and have gained only about 10 pounds myself. My blood pressure has been steady and baby Rachel has a very strong, healthy heartbeat. She is flipped head-down now. Now my body is changing to get ready for her to make her debut.

We thank God everyday that this pregnancy has gone so well other than a few bumps along the way but the baby has always healthy. We also thank God for guiding us to the doctors who made this chance possible. We know God had the ultimate decision but he did guide us to the best doctors we still believe we could ever meet.

God Bless You All!   P.S. The countdown is finally here! (LOL)

September 2006

I am Sandy Daugherty.  My tubal reversal was done on Dec. 17,2005. When my TR was finished I had 4-5 cm. on one side and 6 cm. on the other. As of Feb. of this year I got pregnant and have had no complications thus far. My 4 boys are excited because they have a baby sister on the way. My husband Jess and I thank God everyday for our baby girl who is almost here now.

We confirmed that she is a girl and her name is Rachel Eileen Daugherty. As far as Dr. Perez and Levi and their entire staff at the hospital I don't think anyone measures up to their caring and love for their work and patients!  This is my husbands first baby and he is already a very proud daddy. Little Rachel's heart beats at a whopping 148 beats per minute and is very strong.

July 2006

I had my tubal reversal done December 17, 2005. My husband's name is Jesse Daugherty and we live in Texas. We are both 34 years old. After the procedure was completed my right side tube is about 6 cm. and my left side is 4-5 cm. I was given an 80% chance in each tube on my part. It depended on my husband.

Now a little about us and our family. We have 4 boys that I had in a previous marriage and they are 11, 15, 15 and 16 years old. As for my husband, for which I thank God for, was not ever able to have any children of his own. My husband now is my best friend from school. We have been best friends since kindergarten and we were reunited in 2003 and after 13 years of not seeing each other we were married. In his first marriage he saw a fertility specialist that informed him there was something wrong with him and he was the reason his first wife could not conceive. I got my tubes tied after my fourth child because I was in a bad marriage that I chose but never thought I would want any more children. It took me 10 years to get it reversed. I have wanted to give my love and best friend the one thing he always wanted, this was my one wish and hope. As for our marriage I thank God for putting us together and it has been heaven on earth! That's background now lets get to the good stuff!

We did the reversal on December 17,2005 as I said before. We couldn't believe our eyes when we got a positive pregnancy test and we did three just to make sure. We have found out that we got pregnant in March and our little bundle of joy, blessing, and gift from God is due December 17,2006. It is exactly one year to the day from my reversal. It is funny how God works sometimes. We have found out Jess (Jesse) didn't have a problem after all.

As for our experience at the hospital, it was wonderful!  The staff there was the best I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi were great doctors, even my doctor here doesn't have their bedside manner. We think very highly of these two doctors! We know that God guided their hands to fix what I chose to mess up a long time ago. The hospital was super clean and everyone there is so caring.  After my surgery I was checked on constantly to make sure I was okay and didn't need anything. It took me a while to find them but we believe that God directed us to them. They give you the best chance they can to conceive and are honest about your chances as well.  As we all know though God is ultimately in control after their work is done. I am now almost at 18 weeks along and on the 26th of July we will have our midterm sonogram and hope to see what we are having for sure. We think we know already but we have been hearing the heartbeat for a while now. It's very healthy sounding and fast. We have our nursery prepared and are all anxiously awaiting our little one!  We are all thankful for all that God has given us and done for us!
God bless all who read this and keep you safe!

Dec 2005

We are so blessed by the doctors and staff at this hospital.   We checked in on Saturday, December 17, 2005 for my tubal reversal.  I am Sandy Daugherty and am 34 years old. I got my tubes tied at the age of 23 while in a bad marriage. I thought I didn't want any more children until later when I realized what a big mistake I had made. Five years after my divorce I was given my mate by God and it turned out to be my best friend from school. I wanted more than anything to give him a child but couldn't because of what I had chosen to do ten years earlier.

The hospital staff were all so caring and the doctors were excellent. I never felt like I was just a case number. They removed all of the scar tissue that was there and then fixed the tubes themselves. They saved 6cm on one side and 4-5cm on the other thereby leaving me an excellent chance of conceiving now.  The hospital was the most sanitary one I had ever been in. These people especially the doctors are a Godsend to us. I am so grateful to them because now I can give my husband and best friend what he has always wanted. I know ultimately it is up to God when or what we have.

I would recommend this hospital to anyone who made this mistake because whether or not I did or didn't have a child I am a whole woman again. This is the most important thing to me and my husband. The doctors in the states could learn a few lessons from these caring individuals.  We will thank God for them all everyday for what they have done.   We are from Colorado City, Tx and it was well worth the trip.

Sandy,Jesse Daugherty & Family


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