Tracie DelaCruz


April 2005


Tubal reversal  Apr 4, 2005







I'm Tracie I've been with this group since March. I'll be married for four years on July 6th.   I have three children from a previous marriage.  Alyssa 19, Eric 16 and Amanda 14.

I had my TR on April 4th and Dr. Levi is awesome.  I arrived at the clinic at around three and not even thirty minutes later they took me back to surgery.  The epidural was virtually pain free. Dr. Perez does great work. Everyone was very attentive and I speak Spanish so it made everything go very smooth.

I would recommend to any woman who is thinking of having a reversal to consider going to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.  Oh yeah I almost forgot the most important part.  I have 4cm on the left and 5cm on the right.

I'm scheduled for a HSG on about the 8th or 9th of May.  Depending on when my cycle starts. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

God bless you all,




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