Diane DelleCave-Robinson


March  2005


Tubal reversal 

Mar 25, 2005


Pregnancy #1

It's a boy! 7/26/07

Pregnancy #2 m/c







Samuel Aaron Robinson

born July 26, 2007 at 7:19PM.  He weighed 7lbs 6ozs and 19 inches long. He was completely healthy and normal. He scored a 9.9 on his Apgar.  We are very proud parents and at 43 I am grateful that I have a child and it is thanks to Dr. Perez. We are trying for TR Baby #2.


December 2007

Hi I am sad to report that the baby we were expecting in July has got his wings.  Little precious Gabriel Michael Robinson is with the Lord 12/03/07. I was 8 Weeks 5 days pregnant. Even though he is not with us he is with us in spirit.

Nov 2007  - Update!  Expecting #2

My surgery was March 2005 and I just submitted the birth information for my son Sammy.  I am now writing to report my second pregnancy since the TR surgery. I am 6 weeks pregnant with TR baby #2.

I am 43 years old so this is a positive testimony for all the older Moms out there. I had my TR when I was 40. We are very fortunate and I hope it is a girl this time.

Dec 2007

My name is Diane DelleCave and had my Tubal Reversal March 25, 2005. I had been TTC and to no avail. My then husband Chris died Aug 8, 2006. I never thought God would bring me someone new. He did and his name is Eric Robinson. We married Oct 26, 2006. We both left where we lived and moved to Charlotte NC. We are renting a house. I just got tested and it was positive and my EDD is July 27, 2006. Eric and I are very happy and are anticipating the birth of our baby

Diane DelleCave - Robinson

March 2005

I arrived March 25, 2005 at the airport at LaGuardia and got on the plane heading for Houston at 8:00AM and we departed 1/2 hour late due to engine trouble. They got the other engine running so up we went. Got to Houston and got on the second plane heading to McAllen. Guess what! More engine trouble...Not to worry I have super faith and claimed Gods promises and we were able to board another plane and be on our way.  I arrived at McAllen airport at 3:15PM two hours later than scheduled.  So we arrive at McAllen and I had called Fannie twice before getting there letting her know what was happening. Apparently she didn't get my second message with my arrival time.  So when I landed I called her and she said she would leave right then and get us. She got to us at 4:00PM.  I was scheduled for surgery that same day so I was a bit nervous but at the same time I knew that God will accomplish his perfect will.  My dh was so funny cause when we were waiting for Fannie to pick us up to take us to Rio Bravo he said after it gets dark I take over. My dh is hysterical....LOL. Praying is highly recommended....LOL  

I was chatting with Fannie on the way to the hospital and we had a light hearted conversation and when we got there she brought me to a room and the nurse said to change and someone would be in to start an IV. I dropped my bags got changed and before I knew it they came and got me.  I asked for Scarlet but she went in to surgery right before me. I wanted to see her or anyone I knew. I got onto the operating table and was not nervous.  Everything is true. Hospital is extremely clean and you can smell that it is when you walk in. I saw the infamous cross and felt at home. They put in an epideural and it didn't hurt at all.  They give you this comfortable medicine that either puts you out or makes you talk a lot. Guess what it did to me...It made me talk a lot. I kept asking what my tube lengths were during the operation. I also said I want to see Dr. Perez....LOL He peered over the sheet and gave me a wide smile and waved. I laughed so hard. They told me everything looked beautiful and healthy and said left 5cm right 4cm. Dr. Levi said I have a 75% chance of conception.

I got back to my room they had the catheter in me and had my belly wrapped tight. The nurses were attentive and always smiled. It is helpful to know some Spanish words. They came in with some jello and some chamomile tea and some mango juice. I found the food great. I enjoy different foods so I really liked it. I rested a lot and the next day I was sore....Very sore.  Everyone tolerates pain differently but I recommend bringing some prescribed pain meds from your doctor....Just FYI. Although others were fine...it depends on the extent of the surgery as well.  For me it was nice to have and felt good knowing I could take care of myself if need be. The next morning they took out the catheter and injected me with some more of the pain meds attached to my IV.  I also want to say when you are injecting it make sure it hits your back to go in. I was just squeezing till it hit my shoulder. It feels cold that's how you know...LOL.  Next they took IV out and I was ready to shower. 

Scarlet, Chris (her husband) and I went to Reynosa shopping. It was fun but a bit much for both of us so after a while we headed back. It was 85 and sunny...totally gorgeous out. I enjoyed seeing the cows, goats and cactus and greenery everywhere. Scarlet was so funny and kept me laughing for sure. We had a good time. I also say your feet will swell so bring a pair of loose shoes. Mine didn't swell at first but they did on the way home last night. I also recommend you bring snacks. They have a snack machine but my dh didn't listen. The food was good but not large portions to stuff yourself so snacks are good.

The last day all of the women who remained got contact info and we took pics and waited for our post op report.  That tells you what they did during surgery and your tube lengths.  Make sure you get this when you pay for your surgery.  Dr. Levi saw me everyday and took the time to talk. You never feel rushed.  It was great to meet him and all the staff.  I will say one other thing.  It is best to never go alone and to have someone with you for support.  I had a great time while I was there but I was also very lucky that we all went at the same time. 

As for me after a 4 hour delay yesterday in Texas I arrived last night and I am home safe and sound.   It is time to get rest and in the baby mode. 

Diane DelleCave

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