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Surgery Date 6/17/05
Tube lengths L6 R6
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! 9/20/2006
Pregnancy 2 It's a Girl! 2/12/2009
Pregnancy 3  
HSG 8-19-05
left open
right closed





Harley Jean Desmuke

Our second little girl was born February 12th 2009. She is so much fun for the entire family and we love her so much. Her name is Harley Jean Desmuke and the youngest of 5 girls. She is a real joy to have with the biggest smile around. Thank you Dr Perez and your entire staff once again for giving us the opportunity to add to our lives. I have included a family portrait and a couple new pics of my reversal babies.

To anyone reading this trying to decide whether or not to travel to Mexico and have this done…. GO… you will not regret it.

August 2008 

Hello  I am writing to let you guys know that we are 13 weeks pregnant today with reversal baby #2. We are so excited and just have no words for this miracle in our lives once again. I have sent several friends to Dr. Perez and his heavenly team and they are all currently working on their own bundles of joy.. Everyone that I have sent to Dr. Perez has walked away with a wonderful experience and HOPE in their lives again. I will continue to spread the word about the Rio Bravo Reversal team in hopes that everyone can be as blessed as we are.

An update on our little girl.. She will be 2 on 9-20-08 and there isn’t a thing that she can’t do or say. She truly amazes us everyday and we are still just so thankful to have her… Well I will try to keep you informed of this little bundle.. 



Reagan Lee Desmuke

We had our beautiful blessing from GOD on Sept 20, 2006 at 9:16am. She weighed 5lbs 10 ounces and was 18.5 inches long... Perfect and healthy in every way. She has brought so much joy to so many of us and she doesn't even have a clue yet. She is so spoiled already and I can only imagine as she gets older the spoiling will get worse.   So for anyone that is thinking that they want to have their tubes untied and then wonder if it really works...well I am here to tell you that it does and the payoff is more than you can imagine. In fact I just sent my sister down to Mexico to have this same procedure and she is back now looking forward to her time when she can post she is pregnant... Good luck and GOD bless everyone..  Thanks Again to Dr. Perez & Levi and the entire hospital staff for the miracles you perform daily and the joy you help bring into our lives

February 2006

Well it is official...we are PREGNANT!!! I am now 7 wks along and everything looks great. We got to heart and see the heart beat yesterday and it was a strong 136 bpm.  I want to thank Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi and all the staff at Rio Bravo and God bless you all for the fabulous work you guys do there. You have made our dreams come true (with God's help of course) and we will forever be grateful. It took me 7 months to get PG but well worth everyone still trying be patient and it will happen...

Love to all of You
Gabi & Jd
Britt, Scotti & Jamie
EDD is Oct 3, 2006
reversal date was 6-17-05
right side blocked but left side good!!

January 2006

Well here it is 6 months after my surgery and we have just found out we are PREGNANT!!! We are still really early but I just wanted to share our joy with you all.. Thanks so much Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez and staff you are all so wonderful!!!

Plus anyone that is trying to make the decision whether or not to travel to Mexico, let me say it was well worth it. Plus I only had one tube that was good and here I sit typing you my joy story of pregnancy that I thought would never happen. Thanks so much again and I will keep you all updated..

ps...don't know my due date yet but as soon as I do I will let you know.

August 2005

My reversal was one June 17th and after about a week after the surgery I was having severe pain and went to the doctor. I ended up having a 3 inch blood clot under the tube on the left side. It was pretty painful but I was assured that it happens sometimes to people after any surgery.  It is where the capillaries start into a spasm after you are closed up and they continue to bleed.  I was assured that I was in no danger of the clot traveling and that I just had to let my body re-absorb it.  Well I took it easy and was better in a couple weeks.

My regular doctor told me that it wasn't anything that was done wrong, some people just bleed easier and that he was still impressed with the surgery overall. I talked to my doctor and Dr. Levi about it and they both were on the same page and I felt confident that it wasn't anything that Dr. Perez or Levi had done.  it was just my body. I would still recommend them to anyone, I am still thankful to all of them there.


Well I went for my hsg today and found out that the right side isn't working. The dye flowed through and then stopped right before the ovary. Man that hurts my heart.. But the doc says my left side is wonderful and that I should be able to conceive with that.  Although I am heartbroken, I am still thankful to Dr. Perez and Levi for giving me at least the one tube to conceive with.. Thank you and thank GOD!!!

June 2005

Well where do I start??? I am so thankful to Dr. Perez (whom I briefly saw) and to Dr. Levi and Dr. Moreno!! All the nursing staff were wonderful as well. Everyone was as nice as they could be and tried to help even with the language barrier. Dr, Levi is so wonderful and his bedside manner is amazing!! He will make you feel better by just seeing his warm smile. My husband was really amazed by the way that everyone handled him and I.  He was very interested in the surgery and asked lots of questions and Dr. Levi was more than happy to answer everything as they went along. Dr. Moreno made sure that I was out of pain and I didn't even know that I had the epidural or a catheter.   We had a wonderful experience at the hospital and had no troubles getting across the border either way.

I had my surgery on June 17th and went home on the 18th. I haven't had any pain medicine since Saturday with the exception of Advil.  I feel pretty good just a little tired and sore but for the most part I feel wonderful.  I can't wait until we can try for that family addition.

I would recommend Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi to anyone and everyone. I have 6cm on each side and they said everything looked great...up to GOD and Hubby now...

Talk More Later I am sure
With Love


Harley Jean Desmuke

Reagan Lee Desmuke

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