Lori Dunnam


April  2005


Tubal reversal  Apr 9, 2005





My dh and I flew to McAllen Friday and had Fanny pick us up.  We actually rode with another lady b/c  3 other ladies were there for Fanny as well.  We were there before 4:00 (Rio Bravo) and not scheduled 'til Sat. morning so we called Fanny and asked her to take us somewhere where we could shop/eat.

Surgery 1st thing Sat. morning. It felt so right, so peaceful and calm.  My dh was in the OR (Dr. Levy told him he had no choice : ) ) Dr. Levy and Moreno were so sweet and kind and I got one glimpse of Dr. Perez and that was it but I'm sure he's wonderful as well. 
Dr. Levy did not give me an actual percentage b/c I have some scar tissue on left tube due to previous c-sections.  I have 4 cm left tube, 6-7 right tube and scar tissue build up from c-sections (X4) on left.  They removed some scar tissue but not all b/c Dr. Levy said they would just cause more. (By the way I am about 180 so I am overweight too which nobody mentioned).  They ran solution thru the tubes.  And said to have an HSG done anytime after two months if we were going to TTC to make sure the scar tissue has not closed back up and have an ectopic pregnancy and chance losing a tube.

I was very relieved and calm. I did not find it very painful at all.  Said it is in God's and my dh's hands now. He is very funny.  From my last c-section my stomach muscles had not been "put back together" so he pulled them back together and sutured them up (which made my stomach tighter) and kept joking that he gave me a "6-pack".  I would've taken a tummy tuck as well : ) .

So glad we went.  During surgery I told my husband that it did not matter if we are blessed with another child or not (although that would be wonderful!), that it felt so right before there and I knew that we were doing what God wanted us to do.

I would not hesitate suggesting going to Mexico to anyone. We took lots of pictures and will post an actual testimony and pics later on. Now we're just praying that the tubes will stay open if it is God's will.

God bless
Lori Dunnam



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