Rebecca &  Walter Evans


March  2005


Tubal reversal  Mar 31, 2005





March 2005

Hi, my name is Rebecca Evans my husband is Walter. I have three kids from a previous marriage and like many women after divorce,  I thought I would never meet anyone else. I meet my Walter at work in June of 2002.  We started dating in January of 2003, and I have met my soul mate.  He has one previous marriage but no children.  I didn't realize a tubal reversal was possible until a friend at work had a it done in March of 2003.  She had a beautiful baby girl, born July 2004.

My husband and I arrived in Rio Bravo March 31,2005 and were not supposed to have surgery until April 1st.  But like so many others we were asked if we would like to have the surgery that night.  We thought that might happen so I didn't eat or drink  anything just in case.

I was terrified but Dr. Levi was wonderful he made me feel better.   The hospital staff are also wonderful.  I am and always will be grateful to everyone at Rio Bravo.  We are in our second month of trying to get pg we will keep you posted. 

To all who are thinking of doing this I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Good luck and God bless.

Rebecca and Walter Evans



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