Kendra Garner

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Surgery Date 12/19/05
Ligation 2001
Tube lengths L 5 R 5
Pregnancy 1 m/c
Pregnancy 2 4/08 m/c
Pregnancy 3 11/08 m/c
Pregnancy 4  



Update: Pregnancy #2
We were able to conceive after several rounds of fertility treatments in April 2008. We were pregnant but after 9 weeks of pregnancy we lost yet another precious gift from God.

Pregnancy #3
We got pregnant again in November of 2008, but lost another angel.

June 2009, we are still hopeful and have started fertility treatments again. On May 13th, I had a couple of outpatient surgeries, a hystercopy and laproscopic D & C, after which my current Dr. advised that he has never seen a better reversal.  And my prognosis is positive and he is excited to continue with treatment.

Thanks again Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi

Nov 2007

My name is Kendra, and I had my tubal reversal with Dr. Perez on Dec. 9th, 2005. I was left with 5cm on each side, which I think is pretty good. We made the decision to have the reversal to hopefully undo all the damage caused by having the ligation, four years earlier. I have to say, that so far, everything seems back to normal, the way it was before the tubal.

The doctors and nurses were all very friendly and we both enjoyed our trip to Mexico. We made a mini-vacation out of it and stayed in Corpus Christie for a couple of days before the surgery. We actually got to Rio Bravo a day early and had my surgery the day before it was actually scheduled.  The trip back, driving 12+ hours wasn't too pleasant, but it was all more than worth it just for the relief that my body is now back the way it was meant to stay.

I want to say to anybody having doubts about going to Rio Bravo, to just do it. You will not regret your decision. All the staff are very friendly, the hospital is clean, and there's nothing to worry about.  I went to see my ob/gyn 8 days after my surgery for a follow up and he was very impressed with the stitching, and said everything looked great.

I want to say thank you to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi for being such great caring doctors, and also to Marcos for making us feel more at ease on the drive from McAllen to Rio Bravo.

Kay Garner


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