Ana Gauchat


June 2005


Tubal ligation Dec. 1994

Tubal reversal  June 13, 2005


Pregnancy #1 edd Apr 22, 2006



June 2005

My name is Ana Gauchat had my tubal ligation done on Dec 1994 and found information to have my tubes untied on the net and I had it done on June 13, 2005. 

My fiancÚ's name is Luis Melo we are from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was kind of skeptical due to I had to travel to Mexico for the surgery.  But Dr Levi and his brother which picked my up at the airport were so nice that I felt at home.

I just found out that I am pregnant and due on April 22, 2006.  I am so thrilled. I will keep you posted after the birth of my child. And may everyone wish to become a mother again become true.

Thank you Dr. Perez

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