Kim & Bill Gemeiner


October 2005


Tubal reversal 

October 8,  2005


Pregnancy #1 edd

Mar 7, 2007


7-8 cm



April 2006

HI. I had my reversal on October 8, 2005 just one month and a week after Hurricane Katrina. We still had no power or water but we were more than determined to make this trip!!!  We drove 18 hours and not once did I sleep I was way to excited.

We found our way there without a problem, everyone was so nice. The hospital was clean and welcoming just like everyone there. Dr Levi was right there as we walked in the door and we got started on my paperwork right away and about 2 hours later I was on my way to the OR... I don't remember much, but hearing my tube lengths were 7-8cm and our chances were great!!

I stayed the night, ate great food and had great company. I was released the very next day. It took a bit longer to get home and I wouldn't recommend driving this far after surgery!!! But it was well worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

It's taken us a while , 8 months, but I'm happy to report our little miracle baby is due March 7, 2007!!!

God is good and bless the work Dr Perez and Levy are doing!!! Thank you so much!!!

Kim and Bill Gemeiner

Gulfport Mississippi


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