JoAnn and Ben Hawkins


July 2005


Tubal reversal

July 30, 2005


Pregnancy #1  m/c

Pregnancy #2

It's a boy!  9/07/07


6 cm L 5cm R

Right tube was cut into 3 sections, partial fimbriectomy - left tube was cut at the mid portion.





William Brendan Hawkins

our son was born on September 7, 2007 weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and 22 1/4", he was delivered by c-section two weeks early due to his size, but is very healthy!  Born on the same date as the grandfather he was named after!

Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, words can't begin to express the gratitude we have for both of you. Our son is the most wonderful blessing we've ever received.


January 2009

Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi,

Thank you both so much! Time passes by so quickly, we have planned on several occasions to contact you both to say thank you so very much for what you have given our family!

First let me say that the doctor who tied my tubes was against us going to Mexico to have our reversal, and wouldn't even speak with Dr. Perez on the phone, despite the fact that we provided the phone number and offered to pay for the call. We went to see Dr. Perez anyway. Upon returning to the states the same doctor said "There was no way that a doctor had performed a tubal reversal on me, the incision was not big enough to do such work, the incision needed to be bigger, and he would be surprised if my tubes were reconnected at all"  

We didn't listen to him, we knew that Dr. Perez had performed a successful surgery and knew that Dr. Perez was upset about the condition my tubes were found to be in during surgery. Dr. Perez is an Angel of Mercy, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. My tubes were a mess, probably the reason I was always in so much pain after my tubal ligation. What Dr. Perez found when he started my surgery was a mess, but he took his time and was very patient with what he had to work with. My husband said he has never seen a man work so intently, so focused, but he knew Dr. Perez was good at his work just by watching him.

Seven months after the surgery we found out that we were pregnant, however, after almost four months we miscarried and found a new doctor. In January of 2007 we learned that we were pregnant again, and learned that we had conceived on Christmas Eve.

God Bless you both!
Ben, JoAnn and Brendan

If you find yourself in Mexico having surgery, be sure to have a Hamburger (they put Ham on it, sounds funny, but oh so good), and the same place that serves the HAMburger also serves Trece De Leche (Three milk cake) also very good, we're still trying to find the recipe.

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