Danielle Hosch


May 2005


Tubal Reversal

May 21,2005


Pregnancy #1

It's a boy! 4/26/06




Bode Paul Hosch

born April 26,2006. He weighed 7.12 and was 20 1/4 inches long. Here is a picture of our bundle of joy! A true gift from God with the help of his angels here on earth.

God Bless!

Danielle Hosch


September 2005

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had my surgery on May 21,2005 and as of September 25,2005 I am 8 weeks pregnant.  It only took me 3 months to get pregnant.

 I am due May 1, 2006 it is a boy. Thank You again for this second chance at a wonderful MIRACLE!

Thank You so much for such a wonderful experience!!

God Bless,
Danielle Hosch


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