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March  2005



Tubal reversal  Mar 25, 2005





Well I have been sitting here trying to figure a way of putting all this and its really very simple!  My husband and I decided about 2 years ago we wanted a child or 2 in common.  Between us we have 8 children, I have 4 biological son's.  Once I get something in my head I go forth full throttle!  I began research on IVF.  We consulted with specialist who said I was a good candidate for with IVF or Reversal.  We were pleased with that and chose IVF.  During the trying to save the $$ process, somehow I was told to research reversal more. In doing so and deciding with one Dr and then the other, we came across Dr. Perez.  It didn't take us long to decide he was the one and this was meant to be.  To sum it up we scheduled and had to reschedule once.  That broke my heart!  From that point on everything was working out like clock work which told me it was meant to be.

We flew from California to Mc Allen Texas on March 24th 2005, we stayed at the Wingate Inn, right in front of the airport! Very nice place about 80.00 per night. We rented our own car at the airport and headed for Rio Bravo about 8 the next morning. I was told I would probably be operated on about 5PM on the 25th. We arrived, met with Dr. Levi, signed 2 forms (in Spanish), and he showed us to our room. (#1) He came into my room about 10 minutes later and I said now what? He said lets get started! After reading many testimonies I was not surprised. I removed my makeup, changed into my gown, and they started my IV. A male nurse brought in a wheelchair and took me to OR. While they prepped me, my husband Eddie was changing into scrubs. By the time he came in I was OUT! Epidural in place and I felt nothing!! I was pleased about that. I thought I had been asleep the entire time however my husband said I wouldn't shut up!  I remember waking right before it was over complaining of breathing problems and Dr. Moreno immediately placed O2 on my face. Helped fast! Then I was fine. I do remember asking if Dr. Perez was there and Dr. Perez answered, I AM RIGHT HERE. 

Within about 10 minutes they wheeled me to my room where I could hardly stay awake. Dr. Levi then came in sat down and talked with Eddie and I.  He gave us the GOOD NEWS that I had 6 cm's on each side and gave me an 80% chance to conceive. I then asked if that was good and he said ...yes! hehe!  We planned on staying 2 nights at the hospital but decided I would rest better in our hotel the 2nd night so we left the 26th.  I was given pain meds and antibiotics and the only pain I felt was moving around and getting up and down, ouch! I am now 10 days post op and feel pretty good. Eddie is still making me take it easy and I actually feel as though I need to. I have no complaints.  The only thing I would have liked is to be checked on more often but they had a lot of patients.  There was a nurse who did take great care of me, can't remember her name but she had long black and grey hair. Very nice lady.

Dr's orders are do not TTC for 2 months, and no intercourse for 15 days.  We must use condoms for the remainder of the 2 months.  Everything went so smoothly as far as travel and finances go that we knew it was meant to be. The Dr's were great and had a little fun in the OR because my husband spoke Spanish! I hope to update you all with the good news of being PREGNANT n a couple months!

Good luck to you all and by choosing these Dr's, you have made the right choice.

Crystal Lewis



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