Vonnie Limon

May 2005


Tubal reversal 

May 28, 2005


6m on both sides





June 2005

I had my t/r on the 28th and we flew home on the 30th. I have 6m on my left and right tube. My ovaries are fine. I was ovulating when they were doing the surgery.  Dr Levi is the greatest. He is a very
caring person. I saw Dr Perez when I was going under. My husband said this was an experience that he would never forget and neither will I. Fanny's mother is the greatest. When she came on shift it was like having my own mother there. She was great. There is another nurse there also and I think she was telling me her name was wannie but I'm not sure.  She was great also. Fanny is funny.

I am really thankful to Dr Levi and Dr Perez. I know everything is in Gods hands. I prayed for a good outcome and we got that. I wanted to tell everyone about my experience with the epidural. Well Ladies it didn't work for me. I was able to move my legs. When they gave me the epidural I told Dr Levi " I can move my leg" He said no way. So I just raised my leg up to show him. They were shocked. My husband said they had to give me alot of medicine to keep me out. Dr Levi told my husband "She is a strong woman" Hubby said all he could do was smile because he was thinking that was an understatement. I could move my legs from the time they gave me the epidural up until they removed it.

Thanks to everyone for all the support...



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