Meredith and Martin Jimenez




August 2005


Tubal Reversal

August 12, 2005


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy!  2007


6 cm both sides



Right closed

Left Open






March 2008

I am just now posting my experience and my son is 9 mos. old!  better late than never. I was 33 at the time of surgery 34 when i got pregnant and 35 when little moises was born.  my husband lives in tijuana (we are waiting for a visa) and i live in oregon, so getting pregnant took one year, (concieved september 2006). we were only together about four times durring the year. after 2 times, i had an hsg done. my right tube was closed and the left open. so i got pregnant with one tube.

we arrived at the hospital the night before the surgery and stayed the night in the hospital. everyone was very welcoming. the hospital and staff were great. the hopital was small, but very clean. It was cleaner than the us hospitals ive seen and way more personal. I took a shower that night to be ready for surgery in the morning. they came in and prepped me in the morning and before i knew it i was high on the epideral and in the opperating room with the cross. i said some stupid things because the medication made me feel great. that was embarrassing, but the anesthesiologist (however you spell it), dr.moreno stayed right there next to me with my husband. I was not scared at all and felt complete peace.

after the procedure was done, i was back in my room. i was checked on often. they brought meds, checked the incision, changed my bandage, removed the epidural, removed the catheder and so on. i never felt rushed out of there. i left when i was comfortable. my husband removed the stitches 7 days later. i did get a migrain for several days and had to be on liquids and lay flat, a small price to pay for my little guy.

it was very hot in august, but one evening we went for a walk and there was a church having an outdoor party and we ate some food. the people were very nice. God had his hand on this whole journey. my husband and i were having problems due to our long distance relationship but God brought us to rio bravo for a reason far beyond anything that we could immagine. we are closer than ever and we dont argue anymore. my husband has a son that looks just like him, his only child. and i have a son after four daughters. we love each other on a whole new level and we have become best friends again after alot of forgiveness and persistance. God is so awesome in his power. he loves his children. if you dont have a relationship with him, i encourage you to let him in your life and watch him bless you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

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