Jacque & Roger Madrigal


June  2005


Tubal ligation

Sept 19, 1996

Tubal reversal 

Jun 4, 2005


Pregnancy #1




HSG - both tubes open



January 2006

Were sorry to inform that we lost the baby. Unfortunately the baby implanted in my right tube and we found out at 7 weeks along. Due to having an ectopic pregnancy I had to have surgery to have it removed!  They did a D&C, laparoscopy & a Lapratomy! Were very sad that this happened also because I lost the tube as well!

I now have my left tube left which is 5cm. It's been about a month since the surgery so whenever things get back to normal for us were going to try again!  Wish us Good Luck and keep us in your prayers!

Thank you, Jacque & Roger Madrigal!
Left tube left-5cm
Were living in New York now!
Ft. Drum Army Base!

Dec 2005

Great news! WERE PREGNANT!!!!!  We just found out today and were so excited! It's Dec. 3rd 2005 and were 4 weeks along! This was our 7th cycle since my surgery! I wasn't ovulating on my own so our fertility specialist put us on 50mg of clomid our last cycle and it did the trick! We're due August 13th 2006! I have no idea what side I ovulated on but I'm 5cm left and 6-7cm right!

We feel so blessed to finally be pregnant! We would like to thank all the doctors, nurses, Marcos and everyone else who helped us to make this dream happen! You're wonderful people and we can't wait to share our news of a healthy baby in August 2006! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Jacque & Roger Madrigal
God Bless!

October 2005

Hi everyone, I'm giving you all an update on how were doing! It's October 20th 2005 and we just had our HSG test done today!  The test itself was extremely uncomfortable and very painful but now that it's done I have so much more peace of mind, especially now that we know my tubes are wide open, THANK YOU DOCTORS!!!!!

Were seeing a fertility specialist and he's absolutely wonderful! He told us today that everything looks great and we should be getting pregnant very soon! I did have blood work done recently and my progesterone test came back at 2.5 & it should be around a 12 so our DR. is going to put us on Clomid as soon as I get my period! If we don't get pregnant this month that is! He said today that when you have your HSG done your more likely to get pregnant quicker!

Anyway so for all of you out there still trying to make the decision if having your tubes untied in Mexico go for it! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful we feel knowing everything looks great, tubes look wonderful Doctor says! I wondered myself if they were really open and they are! WIDE OPEN & READY FOR A BABY! I am so happy we made the choice to have our reversal in Mexico and I can't wait for the next step when we post were pregnant!

Thank you again to everyone there in Rio Bravo who helped us on this journey! We live in California and I would recommend them to everyone out there looking to have this done! I'm 35 yrs. old and my husband is 31! If this is your dream don't give it another second of doubt! Our dreams are about to come true because of the wonderful Doctors and everyone involved there In Rio Bravo, Mexico!

Good luck to everyone wherever you are on your path!

Thanks Again, Jacque & Roger Madrigal

 Roseville, CA.

June 2005

It's June 23rd 2005 and I am 19 days post-op today. I had my TR on June 4th.  My husband Roger and I flew down to McAllen,  TX and had Marcos pick us up at the airport.  We went straight to the hospital where Dr. Levi met us and came in and talked to us. We were very pleased with everything and everyone. Marcos, Dr. Levi and everyone else there who helped was just wonderful.  They have such a great attitude and sense of humor and make you feel so comfortable, like your with friends. Marcos, Dr. Levi's brother and My husband were joking about going out and partying at a club after they knocked me out for surgery!  They look like twins!

Anyway my surgery was performed the night we arrived and everything went great. My husband videotaped the whole thing and the doctor said everything looked fine.  He said my tubes looked great and I have 5cm on the left side and 6-7cm on the right. He said our chances look wonderful and just wait at least 2 weeks before having sex, NO TOUCHY... But he said we should wait 2-3 months before trying to conceive due to a high miscarriage rate if we were to get pregnant before then.  It's all in the Lord's hands when that's supposed to happen to me.   We flew home and I rested and let my self heal.  I was only sore for about a week or so and then I felt like myself again. Now were just waiting to see what happens in the future.

WE had an awesome experience going to Mexico and were very happy with the choices we made. We look forward to announcing our good news in the future and to everyone out there who has any doubt at all, don't even worry about it, your in awesome hands.

Thank you to everyone ~ the Doctors, Marcos and everyone else there who made this possible for us and now we can work on our dreams coming true.

Thanks Again,

Jacque & Roger Madrigal


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