Amy & Paul Mercer


February  2005


Tubal reversal 

Feb 19, 2005


Pregnancy #1 edd Dec 2005 (m/c)

 Pregnancy #2 edd May 2006 (m/c)

Pregnancy #3 edd Feb 2007 (m/c)




June 2006

I had my reversal on Feb 19,2005. last week I sent in another part of our story telling everyone that we found out I was pregnant and was due on Feb 21,2007. We were so excited. We found out at 10:00p.m. last night (6/26/06) that I was starting to spot. We were hoping that it would stop and everything would be okay, but as of this morning the bleeding got heavier. We are very disappointed. We actually made it up to one day before my first visit with the nurse. I was 5wks and 5dys along. I am able to get pregnant due to the wonderful job of Dr. Levi and the other docs involved with my reversal. I think because of my age, or maybe things just are not getting where they need to be, I will talk to our specialist and try artificial insemination. The doctor says that sometimes the egg and sperm have a little trouble getting to the right spot and needs a little push in the right direction. Well God Bless everyone and I will keep everyone posted.

June 2006

I had my tubal reversal on Feb.19,2005. I am now 35yrs. old and would like to let everyone know that we just found out on 6/20/06 that I am pregnant again! We are very excited and a little bit nervous since during my last two pregnancies, I miscarried within the first six weeks. I feel fine and hope everything will be fine. I just need to place it into God's hands. I was surprised this time because we had decided too stop trying for a few months because we were so disappointed every month to find negative pregnancy test results. We decided not to track fertile days, body temps,or even discuss getting pregnant. as it came closer to my cycle time, I was 7 days late, but I figured it might be stress. I was wrong, my due date is on Feb21,2007. We are very excited and wish the best for everyone else. We will keep putting out new updates during my pregnancy. Please keep your prayers coming, and we will send ours your way. God bless you!

April 2006

I had my surgery on February 19 2005. The doctors at Rio Bravo are wonderful men and the staff was great.  The hospital was very clean and organized. Fanny gave us a ride into Mexico and is a sweet and nice person.

I was pregnant twice, my due date for the first one was Dec.22,2005 and on this second one was May 15,2006. Both times I miscarried in the first six weeks.  The doctors called them miscarriages not a tubal pregnancy because they were never able to actually see the baby on an ultra sound.  I started out great and ended up with terrible lower back pain which lead to a miscarriage.

We are still trying and I would like everyone to pray for my husband and I.

God Bless all of you, and good Luck to others trying.


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