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Surgery Date Oct 14, 2005
Tube length only 1 tube
Pregnancy 1 It's a Boy! 10/31/2006
Pregnancy 2 It's a Girl! 2/2009





Mar 2010

I wrote in 2006 when I was pregnant and I checked back recently only to realize that I never sent an update after I had my baby!

On Halloween of 2006 a little over one year after my tubal reversal with Dr. Perez, I gave birth by C-section to my 3rd child. A baby boy named Roman Kaiser Mills. We were so happy and thrilled to have him, we didn't think our life could be any more complete!


Roman Kaiser Mills

October 31, 2006

On June 1st, 2008, we were shocked and overjoyed to find that we were pregnant with our daughter! Journey Rose was born February of the following year!


Journey Rose Mills

February 2009

Having a family of four is so wonderful and we are now considering adding a 5th to the fun!

Thank you Dr. Perez for all you've given us! I take time to go to the message boards out there to help other women find out about Rio Bravo reversals and quell their fears about having surgery done out of the country. I am so thankful for mine, words just can't express!

Blessings in bunches to Dr. Perez and his whole team!

Brandy Mills

August 2006

Hi everyone! My name is Brandy, and I had my tubes tied in 1998. Last year, we decided we wanted a larger family, and began doing research for a doctor to do a tubal reversal. After over 6 months of research, we decided to go with Rio Bravo Reversals. Boy am I glad we did!

Many of my friends and relatives, and even my doctor here in the states questioned my decision to go to Mexico to have my surgery done. I think many people think that the quality of care is not as good, but that is not true with Dr. Perez! I made my decision to choose Rio Bravo Reversals because I had heard so many good things from hundreds of people in chat rooms, message boards, and by e-mail. I felt very certain that I was making the best choice.

The surgery went very smoothly. I believe I only had one tube, but Dr. Levi assured me that I could still get pregnant. At first, I didn't really believe him, after all, I've never been a very lucky person anyway, and I knew that the operation wasn't guaranteed.  In fact, I only wanted the OPPORTUNITY to be able to get pregnant. I was so certain that it was more likely that I wouldn't get pregnant, that when I first started having morning sickness it didn't even occur to me that I might be pregnant.

Sure enough though, I had my surgery in October and was pregnant by February! I was so paranoid at first, because I thought I might have a miscarriage or something, but I am now 7 months pregnant, and my doctor has said that everything is just peachy!

It was funny, though, before my pregnancy, my doctor kept telling me how "rare" it is for a woman to get pregnant after a tubal reversal. His office performs the surgery and they only have about a 15-20% success rate, so even when my pregnancy test came back positive, he sat me down and told me that there were many things that could produce a false positive on a pregnancy test. He was just SO sure I wasn't pregnant! He wasn't fully convinced until the first ultrasound, and then he was just SHOCKED! It surprised him that doctors in Mexico had 2-3 times the success rate that doctors in the U.S. are having performing this surgery!

Anyone who is considering a reversal should give SERIOUS thought to Dr. Perez & Levi!  The trip to Mexico does require some flexibility, and it is very helpful to know Spanish (although I didn't and I did just fine!) but considering the high success rate and the difference in cost, it is well worth putting Rio Bravo Reversals at the top of your list for a tubal reversal.

We are so thankful for baby on the way. Blessings to everyone on their own journeys!

Brandy Mills


Journey Rose Mills

Roman Kaiser Mills

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