Alesia & Darron Morgan


November  2005


Tubal reversal 

Nov 11, 2005




January 2006

By the time, you get to my testimonial you will have read countless others so I will not repeat all the same information. The hospital was a little dated but the staff was excellent. I have had 3 surgeries and 5 children and all the technology and newly decorated women’s centers in the states did not give me as much comfort and confidence that I had in Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.  These are real men and real doctors. They truly care about you as a woman and a patient.  If you are undecided about going to Rio Bravo for your reversal then you are missing out! Do not let the price and the location make you believe that there is a catch or that they are inferior. If your desire is to be made whole and to conceive a child then you should go to them for your tubal reversal. Trust them and trust in the Lord.

My husband and I arrived in Harlingen at 1:05 on a very hot Friday in November. Marcos was a little late because of an accident on the highway but he made up for it.  He is well worth the price. I would recommend using him over any other method. He was easy to talk to and an excellent driver. Check in was very simple with Marco's help and after giving some basic information to Dr. Levi, I was being prepared for surgery. Not that it matters but there were all men in the operating room. They were all nice and respectful. My husband videotaped the entire thing.  That would never have been allowed in the U.S.

The next day Dr. Levi recommended that I go for a walk so my husband and I and Alex (the woman in the next room’s son) walked all the way to the stores and restaurants on the main strip and back. I must admit I was tired but mostly because I had on hot winter clothing, (we flew in from a very cold Chicago). 

Back home basic recovery took about 5 days and I was ready for the world in 10 days. DH took the stitches out and I have not had any trouble since. If I did not have proof, I wouldn’t believe that it really happened!  We are going to start trying to conceive in April. I want to wait until my annual exam. I will let you all know when our blessing happens.

If you have any doubt then pray on it but these testimonial are real. We have no reason to lie. Both my husband and I were able to fly, have my surgery, pay for toll and parking at the airport, pay Marcos, buy food and gifts, and had money left over for less than the cheapest TR doctor in the states.

May God bless us all with a beautiful healthy baby and God Bless Rio Bravo Reversals.

Alesia Morgan


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