Sharon and Jerry Mueller

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Surgery Date Feb 18, 2005
Ligation 1994
Tube length  L  7 R 7
Pregnancy 1 Due Date: Nov. 14, 2010
Pregnancy 2  





Feb 2010

Well its been a long 5 years,  to the day, and I AM PREGNANT.    Found out from the Dr. today Feb. 18th that I am Pregnant, will send more as it goes by. 

THANK YOU ALL, my dreams are going to come true.

Sharon and Jerry Mueller

February 18, 2005

Well, we had our TR scheduled for Feb. 19th, but leaving on the 17th at 7Am and traveling from Nebraska to McAllen TX by car we made it to the border at 4am on the 18th.  I had been wanting to have my TR done a day early so that I could get home and be in the comfort of my own home to recover. 

We have nothing but Good things to say about the Doctors and nurses there at the hospital. They are very wonderful people who took VERY good care of me while I was there. Yes, the language barrier is there, but they are able to understand so much of what you say.

We crossed the border around 6am in the morning, not a very good idea if it is raining and you have never been there before, lots of traffic, but made it there in one piece.  Also, because the hotel there in Rio Bravo is under renovations, very hard to locate, so I would advise that you have Fanny take you, she knows everything around there.  But, Dr. Levi was able to give GREAT directions to the hotel, and if your not sure, we ask Border Patrol and they are great guys and even went as far as to tell my husband and his father the color of the building.

Arrived at the hospital at 6:45 am and was able to check right in, told the nurses that we where there to have a TR done with Dr. Perez, (had that written on card in Spanish, very helpful to have) and the nurses took us right to room #1.  Within about 30 minutes the nurses came in and had me undress and put on a gown. Then they hit a little problem with my IV, since I have deep rolling veins, and they could not hit them, learned that if you are in pain, find a way to let them know, mine was so bad I could not help but start to cry.  After they saw that it was causing lots of pain, they stopped and the next thing I know a very pretty little girl came in and patted me on the hand and I think was telling me not to worry, she would get it in one stick and she did, she was SOOO wonderful!

Another older gentleman came in and drew several vials of blood, very kind man, took his time at it and hardly felt a thing.

Both my husband and I were very tired and had not slept all night, so now it was just time to wait for the surgery.  Dr. Levi called I think it was around 10am, and told me that he was just waiting for some others to arrive but that I would be going into surgery around 1:30pm.  That sounded great to me, so I just sat back and took a nap till it was time to go. When the time came, the nurse came in with a wheel chair and put these bootyís on and gave me a hair net and took me right to the OR.  I remember getting on the table, and the doctor asking me to curl up in the fetal position and that very pretty little nurse saying something like "Night, Night" and I was out.   The Next thing I remember was waking up and seeing my DH standing there, he looked so Handsome in those scrubs.  I guess that medication does some strange stuff to you, because husband told me I kept asking the Doctor if I was the first one of that day and he said Yes, and I was telling him how Honored I felt.  LOL, anyways, I guess I also complained about pain, but the Doctor kept telling me it was just pressure, anyways, I remember NONE of this, this is what my DH told me I said.

I do remember the Doctors finally taking me back to the room and putting me in bed. I slept so good that night, after the surgery and the long drive, it felt good, and really did not mind not feeling my legs that night. LOL   Anyways, woke up the next day, Dr. Levi came in and told me that everything looked good and that I had 7 cm on both sides and gave us a Very good chance of getting PG.  Then I was able to get up and take a shower and get dressed. I did have a little laps while trying to check out, I donít know what it was but standing there all of a sudden I felt the need to sit down, then it just hit me, I was either going to Throw up or Pass out. Anyways, after sitting down and leaning forward and putting some pressure on the incision, I felt much better and Dr. Levi came and ask what happen, I told him I did not know, but felt better after putting some pressure on the incision.

We left the hospital and picked up my father- in- law and headed to the border, we where stopped and searched because of some incidents that had recently happened, but that did not take long and where out of Mexico and on the road home buy no later I think then 11am. 

The Staff there in Rio Bravo are WONDERFUL, I got to see Dr. Perez once and that was while I was getting ready to leave, but the one thing that everyone said thatís there and it is, is the cross above the door in the OR.  I remember looking at that right before them putting me under.

Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi are Very Wonderful people who will hold a very special place in my heart for the rest of my life.  They make it possible for people that have made big mistakes in there lives to correct them.

THANK YOU ALL, you are all Wonderful people

Sharon Mueller



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