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Reversal June 9, 2005
Lengths  L 4 R 6.5
Preg  1 It's a Girl!
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Baby Girl

baby girl born 6/29/09

June 2005

My husband and I were married around 3 years ago after I had graduated and been working as a nurse for a while. We decided to have a TR because we wanted a baby together.

We finally saved up the money to go, made our appointment, and plans. The drive from Tulsa, Ok was LONG! but pleasant. We brought my 16 year old daughter with us. Dr Levi met us at the car and showed us in (we felt like VIPs!!)

Dr Levi started my IV and asked if we wanted to have surgery that night (it was about 3pm) We said YES!!! (we didn't want to wait another night!!) They took me to the OR (very nice! especially to an OR nurse! hehe!!) got my spinal in and voila! we were ready to go! My husband came in (forgot the camera! and couldn't go back after it!) and they started the surgery.  Thank God the anesthesiologist kept me sleepy!  My husband said I sang football fight songs while the surgery was going on! (obviously they took GREAT care of me!!)  Surgery was over I ended up with 4 cm on left and 6-7 on Right. Dr Levi told me that I had fibroids that we would have to have checked before conceiving, but that I should have no trouble getting pregnant!

The whole experience was super! Just make sure you get the nurses desk number and write it down BEFORE surgery! I kept having to send my husband out to them!! Also, stay flat after they remove the epidural for several hours (I know, I should have known better, but I got a horrible spinal headache from getting up too fast!!)

Renee & Nathan Nevers