Dorothy & Randall Norsworthy


July  2005


tubal reversal  July 15, 2005


6-7 cm both



July 2005

I left my hometown around midnight and began my journey to McAllen about 6 hours south, I arrived around 7 after stopping to get gas and running into Wal-Mart to get an English-Spanish dictionary! We parked at McAllen airport, which is free, Marcus got held up at the border so we had to wait on in, but it was worth the wait, he was a complete gentlemen and took us straight to the hospital, help me fill out paperwork and everything.

My surgery was originally scheduled for Sat. 07/16 but they went ahead & took me right away because I had not ate or drank anything for 9 hours. My surgery took about an hour and a half, they said I talked to them the whole time. I have 6-7 cm left on each side!!! I came out of surgery around 11:30, by 6pm I was up and ready to eat and watch TV! Bring plenty of snacks! I brought some snacks and there was a vending machine with cokes and snacks in it at the hospital!

The hospital was so clean and the janitors were constantly cleaning!  The majority of the nurses were awesome and had wonderful bedside manner! That night Dr. Levi and Marcus came in to visit and go over everything with me! I watched Karate Kid & Dirty Dancing in English and fell asleep, about 3AM they took out my catheter, 4Am they took out my epidural and IV, 7AM I was up taking a shower and around 9AM Marcus picked us up & we were headed back to Texas!

I returned to work the following Monday for part of the day and all day Tuesday, My gyn. took my stiches out and everything has been fine! Iíll keep everyone updated!

Thank you, Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, & Marcus for everything! God Bless!

Dorothy Norsworthy


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