Shanda & Cody Parnell


September  2005


Tubal ligation: June 1997

Tubal reversal  Sept 17, 2005


2 Children


Sept 2005

We started out at 3:30 a.m Friday morning to meet Marco at the McAllen International Airport. We figured it would be in our best interest to have Marco take us to the hospital and check us in. When we got to the airport we went over to the mall and just hung out and ate until Marco arrived.  Around 2:30 we were on our way to the hospital. When we arrived Marco checked us in and took us to our room. We were on our own after that. I was terrified and started asking myself if this was the right thing to do. It took awhile for us both to calm down and settle in.

Around 8 I think, I was never happier to see someone I had only spoke to one time, Dr. Levi walked in. We went over general questions and after that he asked us if we had any questions. My biggest fear was the epidural. Dr. Levi smiled and told me that I would not feel the epidural and I would be fine. Did that ease my mind about the epidural? NO! I was still very scared. Well the next day came and the nurses were coming in to wheel me to the surgery room.  As if I wasn’t scared enough fear set in even more. It was time for the epidural. I started to cry as I laid on the surgery table. The medical assistance in the surgery room where wonderful. They tried to calm me down and take my mind off my fears. Before I knew it the epidural was in and I never felt a thing. I just couldn’t believe it. My husband held my hand the whole time. It felt like it only took minutes.

Cody (husband) and I made it thru the surgery fine. The doctors discovered that I have endometrioses. It is in the early stages. I still have a chance of having a child. My tubes are 5cm on my right and 4cm on my left. My husband gives me an 85% chance even though the doctors could not give me a percentage. I am just going to pray hard and see what happens.  If I never have a child I did not go thru the surgery for nothing. They discovered something I did not know was going on with my body and I am very thankful.

The next day had arrived and it was time to go home and I had to get out of the bed. Standing up straight was hard but I managed. As we waited for Marco to pick us up we got to sit and visit with Dr. Levi. That was really a nice time! The ride home was long but not so bad for someone that just had surgery. We want to thank all the nurses for a job well done! Marco you were wonderful! Keep up the good driving. Dr. Perez for your magic fingers and giving us hope! Dr. Levi for your warm smile, wonderful manners and a second chance.

Shanda and Cody Parnell


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