Chandra & Emilio Ponce



February  2005


Tubal reversal 

Feb 25, 2005


Pregnancy #1 edd



6 cm both sides


      July 2007

Hi here is the update,I went to have my Reversal Febuary 25,2005 and i just found out yesterday that i was expecting so i will keep everyone updated and keep us in your prayers. I'm right at 5 weeks

Emigdio & Chandra Ponce

May 2005

Had My Hsg April 28 and showed left tube open and flowing but right one was blocked, But Dr. Said you only need one to conceive so with my good length let's pray.  I start Fertilty pills this week so wish me luck.

Feb 2005

Hi my name is Chandra Ponce and I had my reversal on the 25th of February 2005, Let me tell you it was a great experience!  Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez and staff were great! I was lucky my husband is Hispanic and could translate cause I would have been lost with the nurses.

We left Arkansas on the 24th around 6pm cause we knew it would take a while to get there (14 hours) but we made good time.  Dr. Levi had told us to be there a day before to check in and come in the following morning and have the surgery done, so we got there about 2 pm and was checking in and the nurse was bringing me my things to get ready for my room.  I was like "am I staying right now?"  Real fast! So we went to the room and I was getting my IV in,  and about and hour later Dr. Levi and nurses came in with hairnet and booties.  I asked him was it time already and he said yes!  Wow they work fast.

I was wheeled to the OR and just when I was going in I saw Dr. Perez.  I said so you're the mystery Dr. Huh, and I said well I see you now cause I know I won't see you anymore lol.  The first thing I looked for was that cross above the door, I saw that and right then I knew I had made a good decision and God was with me. I don't remember much about the surgery but I knew I was rambling on and on kept asking if they were through yet and hubby was like yeah they are almost done. When it was over I went back to the room and I was freezing - maybe because of the epidural don't know. I was numb from waist down for a long time but it was worth it.

Dr Levi came in the next day and told me that whoever had done my ligation messed it up he said something like he didn't cut in the middle like he was supposed to but instead he cut it sideways.  But I was lucky to be left with 6 cm on each side.  So now we leaving it in the good Lord's hand's to bless us with this child.

I would go back to Mexico in a heartbeat to have anything done.  Oh Hubby and I got to take a pic with a baby that was just born that day, Dr. Levi said it was for some kind of paper or something, I thought it was so neat.

Chandra & Emilio Ponce


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