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Reversal 10/15/05
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October 2005

Hey everyone, I know a lot of you are waiting to hear how my tr story went.  I am kind of rested up so I wrote it all down so here goes.

My surgery was scheduled for October 15th 2005.  First off I said a prayer to God thanking me for everyone who had a part of this and blessing them. I flew in on a plane ride from Des Moines, IA to McAllen Texas on October, 14th. I was so nervous driving to the Des Moines airport. I came by myself back when it was allowed though they didn't want me to.  I missed the airport turn off twice because I hate driving in big cities and I thought I wouldn't be able to find my airport exit.  I had left two hrs earlier just in case there were car problems getting there plus I knew I wanted to get to the airport early since a friend had told me they like to have u there an hr. ahead of time. I finally made it to the airport on October 14th @ 6:20 in the morning and I had 2 carry on bags.  It was the very first time I had flown in an airplane period.  Took continental airlines.  My whole flight ticket round trip for one person was $576.00, but I bought my ticket later on instead a earlier. But it was worth it.   I was not nervous at all bout flying for the first time, in fact I kind of enjoyed it. @ 7:00 am I quit taking sips of water and didn't eat anything hoping they might get me in for surgery the same day, hearing other ladies stories, bout it.  I said a prayer. The plane ride was awesome. 

I called Marcos the taxi driver to tell him I would be in McAllen around one o'clock. @ 11:25 I boarded an even bigger plane to McAllen Texas.  Got to McAllen airport around one o'clock. Marcos called me and told me he'd be picking me up in a black Silverado 99 pick up truck. I waited and about five mins later he showed up like a sweetheart. I paid him the money I owed him and he wanted to stop at a Best Buy so we did. He bought some piece for his comp but than found out later he got the wrong part. Poor guy. Then we stopped at a convenient store on the way to Rio Bravo to get a few things to munch on for later and get gas. Bout a half hour later we were in Rio Bravo after talking nonstop all the way there. The nicest thing I will remember Marcos saying to me was that I will prob be pregnant this time next year giving me shining hope like that.

Got to the hospital. The very first time I had EVER been to Mexico. It was a lil hospital, but I loved it. Dr. Levi was outside and wanted to shake my hand right away. I wanted to give him a hug instead. So he let me. After my big hug Marcos and him led me inside and Marcos showed me where to sign on the papers. I was deliriously happy about finally FINALLY being there. Marcos brought my bags in and they said I would have room number 3.  Dr. Levi came in and I told him I hadn't eaten anything or drank all day so he informed me they WOULD be doing my surgery that night instead of the next. YES!  I asked Dr. Levi if there was a safe I could put my money in. I thought it was $2200 but had been so nervous bout coming wondered if I counted it wrong he even offered to help me count it just to make sure it was all there and sure enough I guess I was right.  I waited patiently and waited and waited. 7:00 came and I knew it'd be soon. Than I remembered my tubal ligation papers that I forgot to give Dr. Levi, so I called a nurse in and gave them to her.  She took them to Dr. Levi immediately. Guess on the first try the young nurse couldn't find my vein for the i.v (big bruise) but worth it.  On the second try the other nurse did though. Brought my Spanish/English dictionary w/ me.  The nurses there knew a lil English, but not much, @ least they knew what they were doing and that's all that mattered to me. I kept getting cold, since I am cold-blooded anyway. So I looked up the word heater in the dictionary hoping they'd turn the heater up. Frio means cold in Spanish. Told the nurse I was freezing. She brought in this gigantic, warm, fuzzy blanket that I loved. Five mins later they called me in to go have my surgery came to put me into a wheelchair and they wheeled me to the operating room. I was not ONE bit nervous at all bout the surgery. THE MOMENT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR FOR LIKE TWO YEARS NOW HAD FINALLY COME! I WAS SO DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY! I said a prayer thanking God for blessing me and letting me finally be there and to bless the doctors and nurses and all tr women.

They told me to curl up and than put the epidural needle into my back. I started getting drowsy. I didn't really feel anything after that. I felt my legs going numb and drifted in and out of it. There were only males in the room doing all the work but I didn't care 'cause they knew EXACTLY what they were doing! I don't really remember much of the surgery except me floating in and out. I remember they did my right side first. Dr. Levi showed me where the cross was and I remember saying "cool" bout it.  I guess they took pictures of my surgery w/ my cell phone which I will be sending later on.  During surgery I remember telling them all how much I loved them and than I told them Jesus loves them. Dr. Perez turned around and looked at me w/ the kindest of eyes and said "Jesus loves you, too!" That was the ONLY time I seen Dr. Perez, was during my surgery. They informed me that they were done w/ my right side and that I had 7 centimeters on it and than started working on my left side. I felt a lil pain on the right side but not much. I asked when they would be done and Dr. Perez or Levi I can't remember who said it would be ten more mins. They finished up on my left side and than informed me that I had 4 centimeters on that side. I was happy w/ the results beings that I was a guinea pig for my tl. there were two doctors and one was doing my tl for the first time showing the other how to do a tl, thought maybe they had butchered me.

I thanked the doctors and they wheeled me back to my room. Since I was numb from the waist down I couldn't feel anything so I wasn't cold anymore. I slept for a good half hour, than a nurse came in and checked on me. She gave me more pain meds. The hospital and the room were very neat and clean. They had a mopping lady who mopped nonstop. That night I was kind of nervous bout staying there plus I still couldn't feel my legs, I think it was cause mostly I was by myself. The nurses kept wrapping me up tight. They even brought in another huge warm fuzzy blanket. I missed my family and flipped thru a couple of channels and found some English ones. Couldn't sleep much that night 'cause of all the excitement.  Dr. Moreno called me to see if everything was o.k.  I kept ringing nurses to see if everything was o.k. I think I was just lonesome. Finally I dozed off at like 3 or 4 in the morning after watching a lil t.v.  I think I was going to go get a motel the next day since my cell didn't work there just so I could talk to my family on my cell.  Dr. Levi came in and asked how I was doing right after I had just got done bawling. because I missed my family a whole bunch. He informed me that I could let the nurses bring me the phone to call. I made a phone call but didn't get an answer than an hr. later after crying, like a sweetheart dr. Levi brought in his own personal phone and let me talk to a friend whom had called his number for me.  She convinced me to stay another night.  Thanks La Kisha. Dr. Levi gave me a great big comforting hug and told me I would see my family the next day and I felt way more comfortable. What a sweetie. I am glad I did stay another night.

The food was great. Hot meals. I took a shower both days and they band aided me up again. The next day, Sunday, October 16th I was up at nine o'clock waiting for Marcos. I even left my bags sitting outside for a couple mins and nothing happened to them. Visited w/ this male  nurse outside waiting for  Marcos and we had a nice chat. He told me that that hospital does A LOT of different types of surgeries there. Marcos came around ten o'clock and picked me and 4 other tr women up.  We crossed the border fine. Except the one tr lady was busy on her cell when there was a sign saying to turn your cell phones off while crossing the border. They told her they could of confiscated it and she had three seconds to shut it off but let her keep it and informed us we were ok cause we had our papers and everything ready to show them and our drivers licenses and birth certificates.

At the airport me and these two other ladies I met, Diane and her sister were sweeties they invited me to eat chicken gumbo soup w/ them at the airport diner. I accepted and paid for their meal since they were so sweet. We exchanged addresses. I checked back into the airport and got my boarding passes. Since I was in a wheelchair they wheeled me everywhere, in Houston to.  So I didn't have ta worry bout the plane ride home or my baggage either.  I met this one lady whom was wheeling me in Houston. She asked me what I had surgery for. I informed her that I just had a tr and than she informed me that she would like one also. I told her to go to the website.

Got to Des Moines airport at around 10:00 at night. They even wheeled me out to my car and wheeled my luggage too. From there I had a two hour drive home to Rockwell City, IA. Had to make a one stop to five miles out to my exs to pick my 4 year old up whom I was soo happy to see. So I got home around 1:00 am on Monday morning. My whole round trip cost was $2,876.00. Which was well worth it! Not bad at all!

AND IF I HAD TO DO THE WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN I ABSOLUTELY WOULD! Am feeling all right today. Yesterday I felt a lil ill w/ a headache. Dr. Levi sent me home w/ some naproxin and some cephalexin which I have been taking every 8 hours. I miss the doctors there and Marcos. Am hoping to go back for my hsg soon. I have been trying to eat healing foods.



hospital hallway

Operating room


Me at hospital