Kendra & Luis Robles


March  2005


 tubal ligation

Dec 18, 1995

tubal reversal 

Mar 12, 2005


Pregnancy #1


3-4 cm each side

HSG 7/6/05

both tubes open






December 2005

I had a HSG done on July 6, 2005, prognosis was good, both tubes were open, a little damage which was expected from the tubal ligation and the reversal but everything looks good.

December 12th- We are pregnant, what a wonderful Christmas present for my family.

December 18th- We lost our precious angel but we are all in great spirits because we are Thankful for the success of the surgery and hopeful for the future.

March 2005

Well we are back home in Texas. Things went well, we met a wonderful couple, Keith and Sandie from Illinois.  Dr. Levi was great, he made everything seem really easy and pleasant.  Dr. Perez was  so personable and a great surgeon which in the end, is the only thing that matters.  Thank God for Dr. Moreno and the great wonders of anesthesia.

We had 3 to 4 cm left on each side and were given a 60% chance, which is greater than we started with so we are hopeful and grateful that we've been so blessed with this opportunity.  We will stay in touch with our progressions.

I would like to send a special Thanks to the nursing staff, they took great care of me and were very attentive. Thanks again, Betty, Magdalena, Jorge, Veronica, and Nora.

Luis and Kendra Robles


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