Donna Rossan


October  2005


 tubal reversal 

 October 21, 2005


Pregnancy #1 edd

August 15. 2007


4cm on Left

6cm on Right




April 2007   (TWINS!!)

Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi, Thank you a bunch for the great work you did on my reversal. You told us it was all in Gods hands and we believed in you.

And now I'm pregnant-due date August 15, 2007 with twins girls. All of you will be thought of each day and our child will be told the story when he or she is old enough.  You are very both good men . Thank you a lot

Many Thanks

Donna Rossan

March 2006

I had my reversal on October 21, 2005. Everything went well. The Doctors and nurses were all very friendly.  Marcos was great.  I was a little nervous about going out of state for this but once I got there it was great!

Dr. Levi is a great man and answered all of my questions.  He and Dr. Perez are very compassionate and worked magic.  I was given a 90% success rate!!!  And also Dr. Levi told me it was in my husband and Gods hands now:)

Overall things went great.   Would I go back and do it again?    DEFINITELY....!

Thank you again,

Donna Rossan


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