Chelia & Matthew Rusler



March  2005


Tubal reversal  Mar 18, 2005


6-8 cm each side




Hi, I am back home and am almost 2 weeks post-op. Things went great and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about everyone there!

My mom went with me and my husband stayed back home with the kids.  We arrived in McAllen about 1pm and Fannie picked us up and drove us to the clinic. I wasn’t scheduled until the following afternoon, but within 45 minutes of me getting there I was off to surgery.  I felt no pain at all, just a little bit of pressure. They kept the epidural in until the following morning to control any pain that I had and I never felt a thing when it was removed.  Our flight home wasn’t until Sunday evening so I had a few days to rest and prepare myself for the flight home.  After my IV was removed I was up walking, I strongly suggest this.

Everyone there was absolutely wonderful, and I met some great women there too.

I want to send a special thank you to Dr. Levi for making my mom feel so comfortable with everything!  Dr. Perez, thank you, you have given my husband and I hope again.

Thanks to all and God Bless!

Matthew and Chelia Rusler, IN

**Oh and great news, I have 6-8 cm on each side and 80-90% chance!!




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